What happened


2. Going Away

"Mom, have you seen my brown boots?" Juno asked . "They are in your room,sis" mom replied.  Juno loved it when her mom called her "sis" it made Juno happy inside for some odd reason. Juno got all packed up and said good bye to her two sisters Jaedyn and Mailey, and her new little brother Josh and her Mom. Juno cryed a bit but that was normal. She was not going to see them for five days. Her dad drover her to her grandparents.


When they got there, her grandparents were so happy to see her, it made her feel bad for missing her family. When her dad left it was the hardest because it was the last member of her family she would not see for five days. Juno got all settled in and umpacked her things in her grandmas office. She would have to sleep on a pull out couch, but it was not all that bad.


After Juno unpacked her things and ran down stairs. There was a plate with stake on it. Next to the fancy blue plate was a little fancy note from her grandparents "we went to the store we will be gone for 45 to 1 hour and 30min so see you soon love you"

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