What happened


1. behind the pretty

It all started with mom and dad calling us to the living room. "kids we are moving, what is your opinion on this?" they both asked. All I could say was that I was so happy and that I am so happy to get a new start, new friends and a new house, but little did I know the move to Clarksborough would be interesting.


We have put our house up for sale three times and it never worked. I personally think I was so happy because I never thought it would work, it have sold. So the second day our house was for sale, it sold. My parents haven't even started to look for a house. We where homeless , or I thought. It turns out we sold our house to someone who will fix the house and then re-sale it for more that they payed. So we rented our house for about a month. During that time we had found a house but the bank owned it so there was a lot of paper work. 


The fourth semester of Clarksborough was going to start in two weeks, so mom took me out of my old school and I was sent away to grandma and grandpa fits house, because they lived in Clarksborough and I would start to go to school there.


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