12 and stuck in a Servile Marrage

Ashley was a 12 year old who ran away from home after getting into a fight with her mom. She ended up staying with her friends brother, who ended up being a pimp, who now owned her


1. Introduction

     You may ask what is Servile Marriage. Well it's defiantly not what you would think, but is some thing you should pay very close attention to. You see Servile Marriage goes by many different names such as:

Human Trafficking                                                                                                               Trade in Humans

Sex Trafficking                                                                                                                             Child Slaves

Slavery                                                                                                                           Trafficking In Children

Labor Exploitation                                                                                                          Involuntary Servitude

Force Labor                                                                                                                          Labor Trafficking

Domestic Servitude                                                                                                                Debt Bondage

Trafficking in Persons                                                                                                           Child Trafficking

Slave Trade                                                                                                                                      Sex Trade

Modern Day Slavery                                                                                                                         And More       Servile Marriage is exploiting the labor or services of another person through force, fraud, or worse. Whether or not worse means are used all people in the sex trade are victims trafficking.

     Trafficked people come form many different backgrounds. This problem goes beyond nationality, gender, race class. schooling, culture, or age. these people may not be from the U.S. They come from many different places around the world. They could be adult or children.


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