Moving on

Rosie is a unpopular girl in school who nobody likes exept one cute boy called Jason who she likes. Thinks go really well with her and Jason but one day Jason has to leave school and move to a different place. But Jason likes Rosie to much to leave her. How will he choose between love and family?


7. Chapter 7

I had no idea this day would come, I thought that I would finally have somebody by my side, when I'm happy or sad. But I was wrong. So that's it," I said," after al that we went through,this is it. This can't be goodbye, its not fair.

Jason replied," I know but their is nothing you or I can do to stop this. Trust me I've tried."

I said, "Can't you try to speak to your dad, you have got so much here, your friends, you have me." 

" My dad said that I had a choice, I could stay here in an apartment or I could go wit them. I want to stay here but I'm not 18, there's another 2 and a half months till my 18th birthday. So I can't stay here."Said Jason.

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