Moving on

Rosie is a unpopular girl in school who nobody likes exept one cute boy called Jason who she likes. Thinks go really well with her and Jason but one day Jason has to leave school and move to a different place. But Jason likes Rosie to much to leave her. How will he choose between love and family?


3. Chapter 3

When me and Jason got home my mom had a bright smile on her face,I knew why, it was because I had no friends and I had never bought a friend home but now I had bought a boy home. Since our presentation was on inspirational people,  we decided to do a person who inspired both of us. We done  Nelson Mandela. 


The next day something big happened, Jason asked me out...

I was shocked, why would a boy like Jason ask me out. I'm a geek, I'm smart and not ugly with a little make up but I'm still a geek. I said yes anyway.

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