Moving on

Rosie is a unpopular girl in school who nobody likes exept one cute boy called Jason who she likes. Thinks go really well with her and Jason but one day Jason has to leave school and move to a different place. But Jason likes Rosie to much to leave her. How will he choose between love and family?


2. Chapter 2

As I walked in the hallway, my bully tripped me over and laughed and then walked off normally like nothing happened. Every one laughed at me, the first humiliation of the day, I thought.

For first period we had to work in pairs, nobody wanted me as their partner and I wasn't surprised. Then Jason, a boy in my art class picked me. I've only had a crush on him since second grade. It felt good to be picked by some one who you liked. He said that it would be a good idea if  he came to my place for our presantation, I agreed. At lunch, my bully bumped into me on purpose again and complained to my next class teacher that I nudged her on purpose and hurt her shoulder. I got in trouble, I tried to explain to the teacher that she was lying but since my bully was that teachers pet, things didn't turn out to good.


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