My new life

Megan is a fourteen year old orphan who loves her life but hope that she'll get adopted a day. What happens when she gets adopted by Zayn and Perrie?


2. Asking him

Perrie's POV

I'm thinking about it one more time. I want to adopt. No, I need to adopt. I want to become a mom, and I hope Zayn want to become a parent as much as I want.

I decided that I was going to ask him now. If I want me and Zayn to become parents I had to ask him. I saw him come to the livingroom and sat down next to me in the couch. "Hi baby" he said and kissed me on the cheek. "Hi" I said and looked away. I need to find a way to ask him whitout getting him mad. "What's the matter?" He asked me,getting concerned. 

"I have something to ask you" I chocked out. "What? Perrie just ask me" He said. He sounded mad. Was he mad? "I..."I stopped talking and looked at him. "What?" He said. No, I can't tell him. He's going to get mad and leave. "What?!"he screamed at me. I looked at him. I started crying.  I have not even asked him about it and he is already mad. "Hey, hey, hey don't cry sweetie. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell at you" he tried to comfort me.

"Please tell me what you wanted do say" I shaked my head . "You're going hate me" "No I won't please tell me" I took a deep breathe.  "I want to adopt" I said.  He smiled at me. "I want to adopt to. But can we adopt someone who is a little bit older that is like fourteen or fifteen." I was so shocked. "Yes let adopt someone older" " Okay lets leave" He suddenly said. "Are we going to adopt right now?" "Yes please" he begged me. "Fine lets go"

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