My new life

Megan is a fourteen year old orphan who loves her life but hope that she'll get adopted a day. What happens when she gets adopted by Zayn and Perrie?


1. All alone

Megan's POV

I looked at my room that was in the second floor at the orphanage. My best friend was moving out of the orphanage. I was both happy and sad . Happy cause my friend finally got a home and a family. Sad because I never going do see her again.

I heard someone clear their throat.  I turned and saw Ashley, my best friend. She smiled sadly to me.  "Wanna help me pack?" Ashley asked me. "Sure" I said while nodding. Ashley got down on her knees next to the suitcase. I looked on her a little while before I sat down next to her. She is so beautiful. 

Blonde hair and big brown eyes. I looked like a rat next to her. And I knew that all the people me and Ashley thougt the same thing. Ashley looked at me. "You're so beautiful" she suddenly said."So much more than me" . I looked at her shocked. "I guess you haven't looked in the mirror yet then" I replied to her. "I wish I had your blue eyes and brown hair" she said ignoring me. 

"I'm gonna miss you" I said. Ashley didn't ignore me this time. "I'm gonna miss you too" she replied. I didn't know I was crying before Ashley wiped the tears away. I guess she didn't know she was crying either, cause she looked quite shocked when I wiped her tears away. "Am I crying?!" She suddenly yelled. I looked at her shocked.  She saw my face and calmed down." My makeup" she said. I nodded. "Are we done packing already?" I said looking at her suitcase.  

Ashley looked in the closet. "Yes" she said. I started crying even more. "Lets go down " Ashley said while grabbing my hand in one hand and the suitcase with the other. We walked down hand in hand. When we came down I saw Ashley's 'parents' . "Guess I'm leaving then" she said while wiping away some of her tears. I pulled her in to a hug. "I'm gonna miss you so much" I said while pulling away. "I'm gonna miss you too" she replied. "Come on sweetie, we got to go now" her new mom said. "Ok, bye then" Ashley said while waving at me. "Bye" I said just before she closed the door.

That was it. My best friend has moved. Now I'm all alone...





A/N: What do you think? Should I keep going? And can you guys be my autocorrect? Since I'm norwegian I might have some spelling mistakes. Thanks!

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