Suicides For The Weak

Alice's whole world is being turned upside down. After losing someone close to her she feels like she has no one. She doesn't know how to control her emotions so she writes them down.


1. chapter 1



You knew you where my only friend the only person I had left in my life ! Now there's no one .. You took the cowards way out you didn't fight. You where weak, but I can't be like you.

I guess I understand, Deaths seems so easy just to leave everything behind and go to a better place. Forget everyone. Forget everything, but if I left this world it would make All of the bullies happy, all the people who picked on me.

No I won't do that I won't let them see how they make me feel. The scars are hidden and they'll stay that way. I won't let them no how they make me really feel, how I cry my self to sleep some nights, how I feel worthless.

I can't blame you for leaving it's so easy to pick up the pills and leave. Didn't you think about ur family though .. I saw your sister in school the other day. She looked tired, like she hadn't slept in days. She was sat by herself at lunch she won't talk to anybody. You thought she didn't care about you ... You were wrong there. I dread to think how your Mum took the news.

DIDN't YOU THINK OF ANYONE ELSE! You where the last person I had left who I knew truly cared about me.

I scribbled the words angrily Into the notebook my councillor had gotten me. She told me it would help me to write how I was feeling.. As if to to tell her how I really feel. Personally I think it's pointless. It reminds me of her. The day I found out she'd killed herself. It was announced in the school assembly, it confused me everyone seemed so shocked. They started saying how it was so sad shed killed her self. That she was loved by so many people and was so pretty and talented. I wanted to get up out my seat and yell at them all. Tell them it was there fault she was dead, they where the ones who made her life hell. I wish I did. But I was in shock, I ran out the room tears streaming down my face, I couldn't listen to everybody's comments today. Instead I went home, I kept checking my phone hoping for a text from her. Hoping that was all a big misunderstanding. That never happened though.

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