Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


10. Chapter 9- Erika Turning really bad!

**Erika's POV**


I woke up and I tried to get up but my stomach hurt really bad , All the flashbacks came back , I had the operation , I think it's time to turn into an EMO and show everyone who I am really , I don't want to get married yet but I don't know what to say Niall , so I got my phone and I rang Mazza up for advice.. 


*Ring Ring Ring*


M: Hey Erika how you feeling?


E: Hey I'm good erm listening could you help me with one problem 



M: Sure anything for my best friend , so what's up.


E: I don't want to get married to Niall I thought about it and  I am too young still I don't want.


M: Ok well I will tell him and tell you ok , don't worry and I know were too young still , even were in collage still too young.


E: Thanx Maz I own you one , BTW I'm coming out my really self you know what I mean that I kept inside me.


M: Oh Erika you sure  you want to come in as an EMO you really are and I'm coming over so you can give me the ring for Niall ok see yea.


E: Ok , Yes I am very sure I want to show my really self anyway , I'm a big fan of black Veil brides now , see yea I will still be the normal but just in case stay away from me.


M: Ok bye love 


(End of phone conversation)


I went to have a shower and shaved where it should be shaved also , I dried myself off and I put this on : 

I went into my car that looked like this : 

I gave my other car to Mazza because she din't have a car yet so I bought this one because I asked my mum and dad they said yes , because my family is quiet rich because my dad works in a business I don't know what he does and my mum goes on being a manger for Black Veil Brides OMG Awesome right , I got downstairs and into my car , I drove to collage because today is Thursday and I saw Maz and I said " Here is the ring Maz".  "Cheer's Erika and wow you look....great". she said and I gave her a smirk. 


I went off and saw my bully and I went over to him and said " Well Well what do we have here , oh that's right Josh my bully". "What you want freak". he said without looking because he was in his locker , I moved his out and slammed the locker door , "Call me a freak one more fucking time and your fucking died got it". "Oh what , I'm never going to stop EMO". he said , that's it his dead , I swing a punch right in his eye and I spat at him " That's you get Josh". 


I walked away and I entered the classroom and there was this nerd at the back off the class , I went over and pushed him off the chair and all his books on the floor , I put my feet up , the bell rang and every turned around and Mr.Cowell came in with an other person and said " Everyone this s Andy Biersack you might of heard of him , please treat him as a normal person , not famous also Andy you may take a sit any were". I put my hand up and sir said " Yes erika". I stood up and said " Youu never did that with us , you had to choose the fucking sits and he get's to sit anywhere what the fuck is this school".


He looked at me and didn't say anything I sat back down and Listened to Black Veil Brides and I left one of my headphones out and played my music loud , Andy came over and he said in his low sexy voice " Can I sit here , Thanx". He just sat down without me replied , He kept looking at me , the bell saved my life and I got up on the chair and climbed the table and jumped down because he wouldn't move , I went into my next class which is Music , oh fuck forgotten to choose a song oh fucking well.


Nobody was here Yet and I took my air guitar and played rebel love song on my phone and started singing it , and the teacher came in and said " Erika that was fantastic and everyone went to their other class because they are scared of you". "Fuck yes That's what I wanted for ages". She looked at me angry oh fuck.


I looked at the door and saw Andy Smirking at me and I said " Are you staking me or something or maybe you like me". I showed him my tattoo , he was shocked and all the way down my arm was full of tattoo's. He then took my hand and we were now going to lunch and he was not the only one who started here the rest of BVB came to collage OMG this day can be much better. 


I went over and sat down and took my packet of cigarette out and offered them one and they took it , cool they smoke I thought to myself and then we lighted and I saw all the 1D boy's looking and I said " Why don't you come down to my house and we could have a party only us what you think". They looked at me and smiled then Ashley said "Sure why not it will be fun". we exchanged numbers and we went our way home.




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