Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


8. Chapter 7- Moving in with the boy's :)

**Mazza's POV**


After we got out of the car harry said to everyone " Guys why don't Erika and Mazza move in with us so it would be better also we could look after Erika because she is going to be married soon to Niall". Everyone agreed to the idea this is what the house looked like and the inside.  



1D house with Maz and Erika : 

Hallway : 

Kitchen : 


Living Room : 

Mazza's Bedroom :


Mazza's Walk in closet : 





Mazza's Bathroom : 



A/N Another chapter coming don't worry xx



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