Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


7. Chapter 6- Erika and Niall sick Pt 2

**Niall's POV**


Oh no I am ill I got the flu , now I can't look after Erika I took her to the couch and put the pillow and I layed her down and put the blanket over her , I was about to sit down but I rushed to the toilet and been sick , I went upstairs after being sick and I got dressed into my pyjamas but without a top because I feel uncomfortable and I went back downstairs and I saw Erika still laying down on the couch but she wasn't sleeping she was awake and I was sitting on the floor and I said to Erika " Erika ermm , I really l-l-like you b-b-but w-w-will you b-b-be m-m-my g-g-girlfriend please". She looked at me and said in a weak voice "Yes I love to be your girlfriend , sorry I gave you the flu". I nodded and took her into my lap but she still had the temperature.


I fell asleep , then an hour later I heard ambulance sirens and I woke up and didn't see Erika on my lap she was lying the not breathing I got up and said to Maz   " What happened to Erika Maz?". then she looked at me with tears rolling down she said really quietly " She is in a coma now again and there was no pulse on her and her temperature has gone up". I looked down and nodded and looked down and the box , I opened it up there was the ring waiting to put onto a finger. I got up and put a shirt on and went into the car started driving to the hospital.


**Skip Car Ride**


I parked my car and went inside and I saw her mum and dad and I waited for the doctor  then he came out and he said " Hello my name is Dr. Ken , Erika has her bladder blocked by the gold stones , right now she is the operating room to remove the gold stones please wait patiently until I come back thank you". 




I have been worried sick about Erika , she been out for 7 fucking days , I haven't moved anywhere I got hold of her hand and said "


Erika Please wake up I know you can hear me please wake up I got a special surprise for you please I love you".


I felt her fingers moving , I looked up and her eyes were open and she said very quietly " Where am I". " Your in the hospital after removing your gold stones and your mum and dad were here as well but they gone back to California for the business". she nodded and I kissed her and she slowly tried to lift you and hold her stomach and I helped her up and I thought " This is my moment". 


I said " Erika  got to tell you something?". " Go on Niall say it". she said smiling " Erika the first time I met you , you were my angel you made my heart melt whenever I see you looking beautiful everyday  so I thought , Will you Marry me Erika Louise Thompson". she said " Yes Million times Yes". I put the ring on her and we kissed passionate for a long time , but someone screamed " I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU". The only one LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON.  


The ring : 

The doctor came in and said " Ahh I see you finally awake you may leave today but you can't do anything you have to rest and take these pills before you eat something , every afternoon ok Thank you". "No thank you doctor". she said I helped her up and Mazza had her Pills because she remembers everything. I bought her clothes in the mall because I know her fashion but I went with Mazza of course for help and she went and took a shower , she came out and she was dressed in this : 

Erika didn't need a jacket because it was a lovely weather outside and to be completely true when we got outside non of the people had jackets on because it as that hot outside , we started to drive home and rest and talk only for Erika.



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