Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


6. Chapter 5- Erika and Niall ill :(

**Erika's POV**


The Next morning , I woke up to my stomach hurting I went to the toilet quickly and vomited I looked at myself I look really pale and I got collage today , I went to have a quick shower , when I got out the cold air got in touch with my naked body but I quickly got my towel and wrapped it and dried myself off and I chosen my outfit for today : 

I looked at my phone and I was 50 mins later fuck I am never late for Mr.Cowell class , I am probably have to stay behind class , I went to my car that looked like this : 

I finally found a parking and I parked my car and locked it also I set my alarm on it , I started walking to the class room and I entered and saw everyone staring at me with evil glares but not my friends and Mr.Cowell shouted at me " ERIKA YOUR NEVER LATE , GET TO YOUR PLACE NOW". "sorry sir". I said while chewing some gum and I sat on my sit next Niall and he whispered " You look beautiful today Erika". "Thanx Niall". I said and I had to to listen to boring conversation I out my head down and I fell asleep.


**Mazza's POV**


I got up and went to have a quick shower and I wore this : 

I was already in collage so was everyone but Erika wasn't but after 50 mins to the class I saw the door open and I saw Erika looking really pale , then sir shouted at her and mumbled a whatever , she came and sat down and she fell asleep when sir was talking about our project with are partners , When the bell went she rushed out of class and I said to everyone of my friends " Something is up with Erika she doesn't look so good". Everyone nodded and then Niall spoke up and said " Guys I go and check on her I might know where she is". I looked t him with a confused look. Before he left I said " Guys would you like to go to the Music festival and fairground because it is at the end of collage it opens we all can go". Everyone nodded and Harry peck my cheek.


We went off to find Niall and Erika , We couldn't find Erika anywhere , we found Niall outside under the tree and he was crying and I looked at me , " What's wrong Niall why are you crying". "Ermm just ready this note that Erika left". He pasted to me and everyone crowed around me and we all read the note.


Dear Everyone 

I'm so sorry I didn't worry you but I have to have an operation on my bladder because I 

got gold stones and I have been sick twice , this morning and before I entered the class room 

and the doctors said "If I go through the operation , it might go wrong and I'm so so sorry

I know all of you wanted to go to the music festival but I be fine please do it for me and 

go to the music festival , Oh and this is for Niall , I know you like me I don't know if you feel 

the same like me but I don't just like you , I love you  I know you care and probably crying but I am at home ok this is my address 56 Mercy-Road if you want to visit me well bye guys have fun.

-Erika x 


After I read that note I was crying  can't believe my best friend that I knew from kinder garden has gold stones in her stomach , Everyone got into the car but Niall came into mine because I don't want walking because it was getting quiet dark , we stared driving to Erika's house.


**Skip Car Ride**


We have arrived at Erika's house and I saw the door open and I went in I heard vomiting inside the bottom bathroom and I knocked and I heard " Who is it?". Then I answered it and opened the door " It is me Maz your best friend , how are you feeling , let me check your temperature". I touch her forehead and she was boiling up even she was in her pyjamas : 

I went out and finally she started crawling because she didn't have strength to stand up , I talked to Niall and he looked really pale as well and I said " Niall you ok ? also could you pick Erika up and put her on the couch and ask her to be your girlfriend already because its probably eating inside of you". he looked and me a nodded and before he left , I felt his forehead and it was heating up as well and  said " Niall you got the same as Erika but you haven't got gold stones you got the flu". He nodded and picked Erika up and sat down on the couch with her.



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