Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


4. Chapter 3- The Truth

*Mazza's POV* 


When I got put in partners with Harry , I really couldn't wait but I thought we hated each other and now he kissed me first and I kissed back maybe we going to date or something but I don't know , when I nudged harry and I said " Hey , Look a Erika and Niall they are getting along pretty well aren't they". "Yeah weird but this is more weird she just look's like Liam , maybe Erika is Liam's sister That would be KOOL". He said shouted the last part and everyone looked at him weirdly and went back to working and I nudged harry again , pointed to Niall and Erika they went out of the class room.


I looked at Zayn and he kept staring at me like I look like him , I raised my hand and said " Can we go outside sir please , you let Niall and Erika go". Then he said " Thank you for reminding , Niall and Erika asked me if you could come and I said yes so of you go". Everyone stood up I mean Liam , Zayn , Harry , Me , Perrie and Danielle and went outside and heard he most beautiful singing , we looked outside the window OMG I couldn't believe it , it was Niall also Erika singing together and he is playing the guitar also what a good couple but not going YET.


They stopped because they finished and started talking they saw us coming but sat far away from them so they can have some time alone and piece and quiet , I forgotten to ask Zayn why he was staring at me all lesson " Zayn why were you staring at me all day?". I raised an eyebrow and everyone looked at him. 


Then he said "Umm because... Y-you're my younger.... Umm... Sister."

"I a-am? How am I just now finding out about this?" I scolded.

"Sis... I mean Maz. I just found out mum just told me today." Zayn said.

"Ohh... Well okay. That's cool." I smiled. 

"Yeah. Mum told me that she had a girl. But She had to give you to up." Zayn said.

"Mum had to give me up?!?! Your the only one who lives with her!!!!!" I screamed.

"Sis... Chill out! She told me that she could keep you." He said wiping his eyes. 

"You know what I'm coming 'home' to meet my 'mum' who I have been looking for 16 fucking years!" I said. 


*Harry POV*

She just found out that Zayn is her brother. I wanted to ask her about it because she looked just like Zayn. Just a little bit. I might ask her to be my girlfriend and I'm pretty sure that Niall is going to ask Erika. 

I spun her around and smashed my lips onto hers. I don't know why I kissed her but I felt the need to. She has been going through a lot. I knew we hated each other but I just couldn't bare being without her. 

A/N: Hey its Mazza_Styles. Erika and I will be classifying who wrote what chapter. But if you have any suggestions kik me.

Kik: Mazza_Styles 

Love you all x



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