Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


13. Chapter 12- Going out with BVB and 1D

~~Mazza's POV~~


I woke up and I had a nightmare tha everyone turned against me but I think it is a dream ....I went to have a shower and did my business today is the last day because we are graduating already I can't believe it how fast it has gone ....I got dressed into this : 

I thought that I would wear a skirt because I am always wearing.... I done my homework for Mr.Cowell but I think I did the right thing for calling Erika's parents because they have the right to know what there daughter is doing and I heard my phone ringing and I looked at the caller ID and it was Anne ....I picked up the phone (this is the conversation)


A= Hello Maz ....Is Erika with you? She has not been home so I thought she was going to live at your house.


M= No Erika is not with me... No she didn't say anyting about living with Harry and the rest of the boy's. why?


A= Oh because she ran away and today is her prom today and if she does come back home I wn't shout at her or ground her becuase I have been lately harsh on her.... well tell Liam that Erika is his sister bye work to do.


M= Ok I will tell him and If I find Erika I send you a text or send her home ok thank you. 


A= Bye x 


I ended the call and I went to Harry's and his band mates house and I walked in and I saw Liam looking at a picture of Erika and I went over to him and said "I just got off the phone with Anne and your Erika's brother ... also she is your little sister and she not at home ....come with me and the rest of boy's please I think she is with black veil brides". 


~Erika's POV~


I woke up and I was in Andy's house but I don't want to be his girlfriend what have I became but I know I am an EMO and today I promised my mum I would try my dress on for our prom ... I woke Andy up and he said "Morning ... I need to tell you something". "I need to tell you something as well.... well I just want to be best friends ...It is kinda awkward being in a relationship with a best mate". I said and he smiled he said "That's the same thing I was going to say". we hugged and I packed my suitcase first then went to have a shower I wore this : 

I got my suitcase and thank god the rest of the boy's were all ready went to college ... I set of in my car and drove home because today I am not going to collage going shoping for my shoes for my prom dress ....I can't wait ... I arrived at home got out and saw my mum .... I went walked up to the door and she let me in I put my suitcase in my room and done everything I rushed downstairs and hugged my mum and dad I said "I'm so sorry for everything". They both said "It's ok sweet heart I understand". 


~Skip Car Ride to the mall~


We have arrived and we went to the shoe store ... (2 hour's later) I found the perfect shoes ...we went and paid for them ... then we went to pick up my dress ... after that my dad bought me a love heart necklace ... I looked at the time ... it was nearly the end of collage we went home and mum got the bags she said "Go and have a shower then do your make-up I will help you put the dress ... you put the shoes and I will do your hair lastly don't forget to put the encklace and ring what your dad got you ok". I nodded and hugged them both I said "Thank you for everything I love you guys". "We love you too". Thats the first time I heard them saying that.


I rushed upstairs and took a shower ..... I done my make-up this is how it looked like my make-up : 

I shouted for my mum and she came in with the dress ... I lifed up my arms and she took my dress over my head and pulled it down... zipped it up at the back... she went to do my hair ....(1hour later) She finished my hair and it looked beautifully done ... 


Dress : 

Shoes : 

Hair : 

Necklace : 

Ring : 

Mazza's Dress : 

Shoes : 

Make-up : 

Hair : 

Necklace : 


Hope you liked this chapter...


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