Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


11. Chapter 10 - PARTY TIME !!!


**Mazza's POV**



I gave Niall the engagement ring back and he was confused and I told him everything and he was quiet upset but he did say he wasn't thinking straight and we were on our way to Erika's house because she forgotten her cigarette packet in class and we arrived at her house and saw that music was blasting and we went to the door and Jake opened the door and he said "Who are you? and what you want?". "We here for Erika could we come in". I said he nodded and we saw Erika and Andy making out and I gave Jake the packet and I ran out of the house and Harry said "What's up , why did you do that?". "I don't know I just panicked and went away , I just don't want Erika hurt". I said nearly crying but didn't.


I looked at the house and her parents won't be happy when they see the mess she made inside I might call them now , I clicked Anne number because her mum's name is called Anne **Ring .... Ring.....Ring**


A: Hello Maz what's wrong ?


M: Hello Anne , Erika is having a party and inside of the house is a mess could you maybe come down or something?


A: Sure good timing because me and my husband are near the house stay where you are ok bye love .


M: Bye Anne


(End of conversation)


I waited for Erika's mum and dad to come and I saw there car parking and everyone went inside her dad went and turned the music off and He shouted " WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE ERIKA". 


**Erika's POV**


When I saw Maz I had to crash my lips onto Andy and we were making out and when I heard the music go off , I stopped kissing Andy and looked it was my dad and I walked over to him and said " Don't you fucking shout at me , I am 20 years old I'm not a freaking baby anymore". Then I saw my mum was here fucking shit and then my mum came and slapped me across the face " Don't you ever speak to your dad like that understand , what happened to my sweet little baby girl Erika". I looked at her with angry eyes and shouted " YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MORE , I NEED TO LIVE MY FUCKING LIFE OK , EVERYONE JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE". I went upstairs and slammed the door.


**1 Hour later**


I heard a rock hit my window and I went over it and I saw Andy and the rest of BVB , Andy said " Come live with me , so you don't have your annoying parents please babe". "Ok let me pack ok , what about collage and I am grounded". I said  and then Andy said " We go to the same collage we can go together and oh well your grounded come on , I come up and Ashley , Jake , Christian , Jinxx will wait here , He started climbing and he kissed me on the lips and helped me pack quietly and I said " I go downstairs and get some alcohol ok".


I went downstairs and Andy throwed the suitcase and came with me also we took some rum , vodka , WKD , Beer's and many more , I put them inside my bag and we left the house quickly because we heard my mum coming downstairs and we were off to Andy's house , we have arrived and it was awesome and we went in and I changed into my pyjamas and went to my room and Andy later came in and we fell asleep in each others arms.


Black Veil Brides House : 


Andy's Bedroom : 

Erika's Bedroom : 

Jake's Bedroom : 

Ashley's Bedroom : 

Jinxx's Bedroom : 

Christian's Bedroom : 


**Harry's POV** 


I can't believe Maz would ring Erika's parents , well it is a good thing but I need to talk to Maz about letting Erika have new friends not only her and a boyfriend , I think that Erika escaped because I saw running out of the house , Thanx god that she didn't see it or else she probably run into the house and search if she coulddn't find Erika she probably tell her parents then ring up the police. 


I need to make her stop worrying about Erika she is allowed other friends then us.




Hope you liked this chapter.

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