Everything Is Not What It Seems

My name is Mazza, Im 16 years old. From Cheshire. I love with my mum and dad, they say everything it is same.... But not what it seems to be


2. Chapter 1 - College

I ran past him trying to get to school. He ran after to me and I ran faster. He finally caught up to me and spun me around. I looked up to him and he smiled. He looked at me confused and smashed his lips on mine.


"W-what? Why did you do that?" I asked


He didn't answer just smashed his lips against mine and moved his lips trying to get a response from. I didn't know what to do. I never kissed a boy before. He realised that I never kissed anyone before.


"Just move them with mine. Like this." He said taking his bottom lip and opening my lips.


"So do move them like this?" I asked. Taking his bottom lip with my bottom lip and tugging on them.


He moaned a little and it caused me to blush. "Perfect." He breathed.


He smashed his lips back onto mine and wrapped his arms around my waist and pull me closer to him. I smiled and in response i wrapped my arms around his neck.


He pulled away breathing heavily... And so was I. I blushed like a idiot... He hugged me tight and nuzzled his face into my neck. I smiled. I thought to myself 'he might actually become my boyfriend.' I pulled my phone and check the time. It was 30 minutes after 8. I tensed up and Harry pulled away with his hands on my shoulder.


"Whats wrong?" He asked concerned.


"We are late to class. Mr. Cowell doesn't like us two being late." I said


"Why us two?" He asked.


"Styles, no time to explain. We are 30 minutes late." I said. "Make the 35 minutes late." I said checking the time on Big Ben.

We raced to the college hand in hand. I smiled, letting my hair whip all over the place. Harry had to spit my hair out of his mouth at most points. We raced into class panting and sweating. I turned around to look at Harry and he was pulling strand of my long hair out of his mouth. I giggled and turned around to Mr. Cowell. By the way his face was balled up. I could tell he wasn't pleased at all.


"Well you two are late again." Mr. Cowell scolded.


"Sorry?" Harry and I said.


"Just take your seat and DON'T be late again." Mr. Cowell said.


"Yes Mr. Cowell." Harry and I said walking to the back towards our seats.


We reached the back of the class and sat next to our friends: Liam, Danielle, Zayn, Perrie, Louis, Eleanor, Niall, and Erika.


We waved to each other and paid attention. During the music lesson Harry and I couldn't keep our eyes off each other. I knocked my pencil down on accident... You got me I knocked it down on purpose. I saw Harry do the same haha it was so cute. We both reached for our pencils and held our gaze. Harry smiled cheekily and kissed me.

We pulled away and looked at Mr. Simon who was looking directly at us. We sat back up in our seats and looked at Mr. Cowell.


"Today class we have a project. Musical project to be exact. You and a partner of my choosing. You will have to sing a song of your choosing."


"Yes! I love singing!" I squealed.


Mr. Cowell chuckled and continued speaking. "Harry and Mazza." He said smiling at us two. "Niall and Erika." "Zayn and Perrie." "Louis and Eleanor." "Liam and Danielle."


I zoned him out after he said Liam and Danielle. He finished choosing the partners and I looked over and everyone was happy with their partners.


"So what song do you wanna sing?" I asked.


"Hmm... I don't know." He said biting his lip.


"I can play acoustic guitar. And a know a song called Little Things. And I can play that song." I suggested.


"Sound like a plan." He said pecking my on my cheek and smiling.

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