Harry Or Niall

At a One Direction concert I got meet and greets and Niall and Harry were the best they liked me so much they wanted to mett up what will happen next?


4. Few Weeks Later

Kourtneys POV. Niall and i have been dating for a few weeks now and hes been staying with me since hes not on tour right now we havent exactly did anything we kiss but thats it I want to do more but im scared of what he will think. Nialls POV. Tonight im going to  please Kourtney hope she likes it. Kourtneys POV. Its like he knows what I want first hes kissing me every square inch of my body then he goes into me I moaned it was amazing he was on pase and it felt so fucking good I moaned his name and he moaned after he pulled out I love this kid.

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