Harry Or Niall

At a One Direction concert I got meet and greets and Niall and Harry were the best they liked me so much they wanted to mett up what will happen next?


1. Concert

I was so happy i couldnt wait to meet them and anither good thing is its with my best friend ever. My friend and I met in 2nd grade and were still friends and were 19 now we have the same birthday and everything so its awesome I get to do this with her.Finally we got to the concert it was amazing and the best thing is after were metting One Direction OMG. We both had on shorts from hollister and a tank top which we did our selves mine said Mrs.Horan and hers said Mrs.Styles they loved them. Nialls eyes were perfect and his hair was amazing Harrys dimples were so cute and his hair is messy and he always has a morning voice which I love. Niall and Harry really liked me and my friend so they asked if we wanted to meet up and we said of course.

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