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4. Review for: V.C by Shaving Monkeys

Hi there, Shaving Monkeys!

Well, I have to say that I am truly blown away; this movella has everything a short story should and gripped me all the way through. Do you spend a while writing your chapters? Because, to me, it seems as though every word has been chosen to fit perfectly in the sentence. Amazing.

Normally, I can point out some grammar mistakes or plot holes or something along those lines, but for this, I genuinely couldn't find anything! Even after going back a couple of times just to see, I was astounded at the fluency and accuracy of your spelling/grammar! You are an extremely sophisticated author!

I also have to mention the exquisite back-stories. You managed to tell us all about Grandad and the main boy without going on and on for ever about it, so yes that was my favourite part.

Overall, I can't say anything bad for this and I truly believe it deserves to win the 'Tape' competition, so good luck on that!

Rating: 10/10!

Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading your book; I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of you characters, plot and beautiful, moving ending (he's a hero after all!). 

- M.P

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