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2. Review for: The Founders Again - Crazy Nutter Oakenshield

Hello, Crazy Nutter Oakenshield! MahoganyPumpkin here!

So, onto the review:

I like this movella! I think the idea is clever: the founders of Hogwarts becoming students again, that's pretty cool!

But, I found it a little bit confusing. Everything seemed to happen at once, for example, it's only around two chapters before one of the main things has happened, which is good to get people interested, but I think that just the opening would have been enough to keep readers' attention. Also, I think there were a couple of commas missed, but that's if I'm being SUPER picky. 

However, your writing is exceptional! There are no flaws I could pick up on at all.

The best aspect of this movella was the flawless conversations! All the speech was highly accurate and made for interesting reading. Congratulations on this, as speech is difficult and there are man y 'rules' to abide by.

I would rate this movella: 7 / 10 - this is a great score! Also, the story has only just started, so I'm sure the flair will expand later on. If you finish this, why not come back and get it reviewed again?

Keep writing!

- M.P

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