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5. Review for: Stripes, Checks and Polka-Dots - E.M.Marmet

Well hello! It's MahoganyPumpkin here!

This movella - Stripes, Checks and Polka-Dots - is exceptional! The first sentence grips the reader, because it leaves you wondering how it happened and where the character is. I love the reality of it, the way all the characters seem just like normal people and could be alive somewhere!

I also think that the whole story has an extremely professional air to it, with exquisite language and perfectly executed speech, as well as beautiful descriptions. This all adds together to become a publishable novel!

The only things I would say: this is just a personal opinion, but I think that some of the swearing was unnecessary, but you can do what you like with your speech! The chapters were very long for me to read, so I only actually read to about chapter 2, because I didn't have the time to read more. However, in a real novel (which this could be!), the chapters are about this length. It just makes for easier reading if the chapters are split up on Movellas.

Overall, this is brilliant work and I can see this on the shelves of bookstores in the future! 

Rating: 9/10



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