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11. Review for: Emma Bolt- The Energists by Raven711

Hello! Mahogany here.

Emma Bolt - The Energists is really good. Honestly, really good!

The plot is nicely simple, with a good idea and well though-out characters and I like the way that you give a great sense of the scene without endless descriptions (believe me, they get boring!).

However, I think that you could try these things:

1. Maybe have a big, shocking event that the wind spheres cause? I mean, how here you want to with the plot, but I think that might be a cool twist!

2. Vary your punctuation. If I'm honest, I found it a little dull after a while of reading just full stops;  try some semi-colons, colons, hyphens/dashes and other punctuation marks. 

Not saying that your story is in any way lessened in quality by the full stops, but it would be nice to see different ways of breaking up your sentences.

Your story is brilliant though!

Rating: 8.5/10

- M.P

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