Review Movella!!!

Roll up, roll up, come and get your MOVELLA REVIEWS!!! Ever wanted some great feedback on your work? Or perhaps just a boost of confidence? Well, this movella is the way forward! Just comment below and we'll have your review up ASAP!


1. How To Get A Review...

Hi there awesome person! We (MahoganyPumpkin and Mirlotta) figured that sometimes, everyone needs some feedback, be it for editing use, personal interest or as a confidence booster. So we started this book! YAY! 

So, instrruuuuuctions! 


1. Write your comment!!!!! Basically just ask for a review! :-)


2. Create a link to your movella. It is so much easier for us if you provide a link, else it can be hard to find your movella. 

To do this:

- Go onto the book you want reviewing as if you were going to read it. 

- Highlight the link in  the search box.

- Copy and paste that link into the comments and it will magically become amazing, with the cover, blurb and title!!!!!!!! Even if this doesn't happen, we still have a hyperlink to it, so that's awesome!

- And yes, it is that easy!!!!


Finally, THERE WILL BE NO, I REPEAT, NO,  HATING IN THIS MOVELLA! We will not say in our review 'This movella is rubbish.' However, we will also not write 'I LOVE THIS MOVELLA OMGGGGGGGGG UPDATTEEEE NOWWWWW!!!!'

All books will be rated out of ten, with a detailed response as to what we thought of it. Honesty is our main policy, but remember, if we don't like it, we are two of thousands of people, so don't get yourself down about it!

THANKS! - Please comment/ like/ favourite/ fan us XD


- MahoganyPumpkin and Mirlotta :)

*Reviewing books with style since the twenty eighth of February* 



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