1. Affair

She plonked herself down at her desk. She was positioned in a little alcove around near the sports department. Temporary but extremely fortunate for the fluttering of her heart and fingers over the keyboard were well concealed from the ever present office full of journalists. She had just walked past him again. This trip hadn’t been on purpose but many of them were. She would print things of no use, was much more diligent about checking if she was needed at the other end of the office. She knew he watched her. Saw his eyes flick or his hand twitch when she came into his line of sight. Feelings his eyes burning into her back as she made the return trip. This time he had followed her. Ducking into her alcove he leaned over her from behind breathing in her scent he muttered and whispered. He caught pieces of sentences as she got swept up in his scent and the weight of his person.

‘Stop someone will see’ she said. He lent closer, breathing into her ear ‘let them see’. She stifled a giggle and tucked her chin so he had less access to her left side. He deftly changed sides making the hair on the back of her neck stand up as his breath kissed her skin. She tilted her head so that her neck was less accessible.

‘I can’t get you out of my head’ he muttered. Nuzzling her neck. At these words she tilted her head to the left offering her cheek and neck up to him. He kissed her cheek then s he pulled back he dropped his lips top within a millimetre of her neck breathing her in he straightened up. He cupped her chin in one hand, smiled and walked back towards his desk. She turned back to hers flustered and self conscious. Still giddy from his attentions. Could she keep this up?

Would she keep this up?

Oh yes. 

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