The Direction Games

This is is not what you'd expect from a Hunger Games fanfiction. And I like how my plot is diverse. This is pure rebellious, unusual action. districts you've never really heard of. The journey will be treacherous, I can tell you that much. It's simple. 24 tributes. 5 boys by the initals of z.m, h.s, l.t, n.h, and l.p. Don't assume this will be a regular Hunger Games this year. As for the Capitol, they are oblivious as of what is to come. Spys, new land, plot twists. This is the Direction Games.


10. Chapter 3 Harry's POV

I shot the Capitol's Senate. Mr. Regal-Lyon wasn't ready to meet his maker. He lived 34 rather soft winters, and no, that wasn't middle aged if you asked me. From what a fraction of a second presented to me was that he had a slender oval of a head. But I would never know what features were the natural expression of his face because deep sleep settled over it while I gunned him down. For somebody who wasn't a murderer, they would forget that face by supper time. But, it was different for me. Whenever I shut my eyes now, instead of seeing blurs of purple or green, from behind closed lids, I see Mr. Regal-Lyon. He was an important contribute to the Games. Even more than the Gamemakers themselves. How I knew this information was that it was getting spewed at me through clenched jaws as Capitol monkeys decide what to do with me in an interrogation room. It wasn't like I had the intention to assasinate the man. From the disc shaped window screwed against the wall, the landscape of District 4 was an utter sand dume. It's feature were like something from a desert arena. Powdery sand congests the muggy scenery of what used to be a euphoric paradise. Hands secured mirthlessly to the table, and awakeness uncertain, jittery was the way I felt. People were deciding my fate right before my eyes and mind. Whether I should be eliminated off this world by a hanging or by a drowning. And even though they way I was going to leave the Earth plane was being decided for me at the moment, I felt dazed. That was until the blind girl stepped into the room. "Hey, what are you doing to my Harry?" The way she said "my Harry" wasn't in a possessive way, no, she couldn't even take over a nat. It was as if our blood was tied and I was an older sibling to the lass. "How the hell did you find you way here?" one of the Capitol devils screeched, like she had a mental disability. Her blindless is just a rather hefty clap on the shoulder, nothing worth insulting. Before I could snatch an oppurtunity to speak, Nerina caught it first. "I followed the voice of earlier before." Her voice raised loudly. "Don't send my Harry away..How about you...How about you put him in the Games?" She plugged in to the men. They suggested this to eachother like it could work and I could actually fight for my being. This little girl was something else. Her aura itself was alluring even with only 4 senses. The way her cerise hair welcomes and flips on her early shoulders as if a welcome to who ever she is speaking to at the moment. Her whole semblance would fill anybody with delight and hope. Especially now when she crafted a second life for myself. I knew I had to help this girl in the Games. "Alright, Harry Styles. You are now a "volunteer" for District 4. We will give you and that heroe of yours some time." the man said, referencing arrogantly to Nerina. As soon as the oxidized doors gave us privacy, I asked: "How did you know my eyes were green?" "It comes with the personality you have. My cousin and his diseased uncle has them. It's just the way you are, Harry." It was awhile with me being astounded with shock before she continued. "What is the color of palm trees, my dear Harry?" And all of a sudden, her barring question took me back to Finnick's and I's escape in the jungle. When I offered him that advice. It took me a while to conjure up something like the first time, but eventually I got talking: "Green is..The color of palm trees are..the mix of sunshine and the ocean. Every one of them needs the other to survive and maintain their status as a color. It's a very calming shade of tranquility. I see it in the ocean sometimes when all I can hear is the sea breeze. I would guess the sea breeze is green too. But it's not visible to us. So would be the state of calmness, and sometimes, If I focus my vision very carefully." "I see it in your eyes, Nerina."
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