The Hesitation

They looked deeply into to each other. She realized what was happening everything she ever could have dreamed about as a kid was everything that meant the world to her now. He understood how hard his absents had been on her, still he missed that lipstickless smile she gave to the world even when nothing was right. Their thoughts running wild like animals soon would slowly clam into something people called love


2. Chapter Two

Taylor ran down the oversized, wooden staircase as fast as she could. When the boys came into view, she covered her tearstained face making her collapse to the floor. Liam rushed up to the patio door. When he reached the patio, he saw Taylor stumble then fall. He then at that exact moment knew what he had to do. Zayn stood up and walked over to Taylor. He outstretched his arm but she didn't take it. Liam whisked inside. Taylor laid on the floor. Zayn moved out of Liam's way. 

         Taylor stood up. Liam watched her expression was sad something that he never saw on her. One action, No words, But yet everything was spoken. Taylor felt something in her but wasn't sure of what it was. Taylor was new this thing that people called love. Liam was too sure he told his past girlfriends he loved them but he didn't understand love until he met Taylor. Something about him made her smile. It was the way she could light up a room without words. His name. Her perfection even in the morning. His smile. Her laugh. 

         Liam never meant to hurt her. Maybe she didn't feel the same? How should I tell him? She wonder? Maybe I came on to strong? Thought Liam. Taylor went back up stairs teary eyed. Liam shook his head he should took the chance when he had it. Niall walked up to him "You okay?" Niall asked Taylor. "Yeah sure I'm fine Niall."  Taylor hesitantly said.

         Taylor scurried down the corridor.  I knew it! I was one of the his stupid projects. If I wasn't, he would have been here by now. Liam ran so fast after her the doors were barely visible. He really loved her but that was okay. Loving her was different. She loved him so much it was killing her. All he wanted was to be with her at that exact moment. Taylor ran into her perfectly neat bedroom and slammed the door. "Can I come in?" Taylor heard a voice ask.

            She didn't answer."Thats okay I'll wait forever for you. That's how much you mean to me. If you don't love me back can you tell me so I don't spend my life waiting for something that will never happen." uttered Liam. Taylor didn't know how to say it in words she opened the door. She was lost in a pool of letters spinning. She looked at him and her tears stopped. He leaned in and told himself he lied about the moment earlier being perfect. Taylor hesitated to let him kiss her. Liam wonder if she was okay? Taylor didn't turn away. She smiled in the kiss making Liam smile with her

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