The Hesitation

They looked deeply into to each other. She realized what was happening everything she ever could have dreamed about as a kid was everything that meant the world to her now. He understood how hard his absents had been on her, still he missed that lipstickless smile she gave to the world even when nothing was right. Their thoughts running wild like animals soon would slowly clam into something people called love


3. Chapter Three

 As they pulled away Liam said"okay?"Taylor answer"okay."  They went into the room and they laid down on the bed to talk. Harry looked into her sparkling eyes he knew there was defiantly a girl suffering just like him. Marisa was stunned to look in to his eyes the deep emerald color was a nice change from looking at the sea. It was almost like they met before.

            "Harry why now the bakery is on the verge of closing."said Marisa with this look that showed being hurt was painful to her. "This is a huge opportunity for me Marisa I promise I'll come home after the X-Factor is over I promise I will and I will call you everyday" Harry gave her a smile he knew she wouldn't be able to resist. "Okay fine go become famous but don't forget when you come back I wont be here I'm going to be in Wolverhampton" Marisa Stated. If only life was easy Harry thought.

              The emerald color made Marisa want to die right there. She knew from that moment on that the person who stood in front of her was Harry. Most importantly it was Harry not any Harry but the one she only dreamed about meeting again. The bond made between them was still unbroken. He looked at her while she look at him. "Marisa what did you do to your wrists" Harry blurt out. 

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