The Hesitation

They looked deeply into to each other. She realized what was happening everything she ever could have dreamed about as a kid was everything that meant the world to her now. He understood how hard his absents had been on her, still he missed that lipstickless smile she gave to the world even when nothing was right. Their thoughts running wild like animals soon would slowly clam into something people called love


1. Chapter One

The August wind blew gently on their skin.  The sun was setting and everything on the beach was calm. Though it was like this a lot by the coast, it looked perfect. He leaned in to kiss her but she turned her head. She knew he didn't mean anything by this. This wasn't like when they were kids dreaming for their worlds to collide. She turned her head back to see his face with a tear rolling down his cheek. She hesitated but then gave him a soft kiss on his right cheek before getting up from the dry sand and walking away.

          It was simple, she loved him with all of her heart. Simple never lasted with them even as kids. Tag wasn't a simple game they had a whole wall full of rules and of course, rules are broken. Toys, hearts and books could become broken or even shattered. Though people knew what that meant they never had experienced it like Taylor and Liam had.

          Liam laid in the rough sand but he didn't care. All he wanted was the girl he was in love. Dreaming to one day date her. Taylor laid on the comfy bed normally she would be smiling and make a comment about it. All she could do was cry and wonder to herself why she didn't let him kiss her.  Marisa stood in her doorway looking down at Taylor. Taylor's cries were breaking her heart. Marisa was a great big sister with a tender heart. Taylor crying wasn't why she was crying, Marisa though, she had the case of a broken heart that needed mending. Harry walked up the stairs wondering why Kendall cheated on him with Austin Mohone. He realized that he didn't need her to save his life he all alone.

          Harry was vanished in his strong feelings yet somehow they were weak and weary. Marisa was in her own worlds when someone collided into her. She opened her eyes and for once was lost with words. Taylor laid in her bedroom wondering if Liam would come after her. Liam sat up in the now cooler sand and wondered if Taylor was okay. They both stood and went to go and see if the other was okay or was hurt by what happened outside.

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