Affaires de la vie


4. Witching Hour

She woke with a start, it was dark and a glance at her phone told her it was 3.15am, 2 hours since her last contact with him and he hadn't tried to cal her since. Not even to tell her he wouldn't be there. He wouldn't do that to her. She felt with sick worry. What had happened to him that could have kept him from her? He loved her didn't he? Sometimes she could squeeze him with a love and affection so tight that it eased the hurt a little, and other times she would turn and see a strange, an acquaintance, and the black cloud would settle in just a little further. She pressed the green button twice; this was generally all it took to get through to him as he was always her last call. It rang and rang and rang … and just rang out. What was keeping him from taking her calls? If you listened to him speak, were around him for more than a minute, she was his whole world, his everything. He wanted to spare her everything. He would never knowingly make her suffer like this? Would he? Something must be terribly wrong if he couldn't answer her call. The angry echo of her fears not quite filling the emptiness around her. She rang again, no answer. She got up, her feet making little pad pad noises on the carpet, the light from the moon and her phone meaning she didn't need to flick on the lamp. She padded into the kitchen, the cold tiles making her shin bones ache. She poured a glass of water, gulping it hurriedly and noisily. It seemed to drop straight down her sternum and into her empty stomach, a reassuring feeling, like the water was filling her up. She refilled her glass, shutting the fridge, the sudden lack of light making her go blind; she stood still as her eyes adjusted, unwilling to shuffle around an unfamiliar setting. As the shapes started to come into focus her phone lit up with an incoming call. It was him; relief filled her but disappeared just as quickly to be replaced by anger, anger at him for making her worry but also anger at herself for believing in someone so fully. For thinking that someone could truly love her, she was a fool and she knew it, and he was going to cop it for both of them. 

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