Affaires de la vie


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Returning home from the outing with her mother she walked briskly into her room, the decision to leave her phone at home haunted her entire trip. Her pure addiction to him was worrying her more than she realised. Picking up her phone pressing a button for the screen to light up deep down she was not expecting anything to be there. To her shock and vast relief there were 3 missed calls and 4 messages. Two of the calls from him and all the messages from him. Relief washed over, quickly followed by suspicion. Was she being irrational, or was she a fool for wanting to believe his excuses. A simple case of misplacing the phone. Begging for her forgiveness, understanding that she was worried. But this was how it always was with them and she was sick of it. Just as she was trying to compose a dignified but wounded response he called again. She picked up, hesitant but the sound of his voice making her feel at home in a way she had never known. He apologised and begged and sympathised. She told him that it had got to the point where she couldn’t be living with her parents not knowing what was going on not knowing what he was up to. Was she right to be suspicious? IT didn’t matter, it was an emotion she couldn’t control and it was there.

‘Move out with me.’ Was his response.

He was ridiculous. She was a student.

‘Don’t pay rent, just live with me.’

She argued with him even though her heart sang at the thought of him wanting her near of him wanting to take care of her. What if something went wrong where would they live copuld she keep her room at her parents so many questions and him giving all the right answers.

A niggling voice kept asking her why he was so eager to acquiesce. Was he hiding a guilty conscience or did he just care for her.

She eventually gave in, they had both known she would give in from the beginning. He found a tiny apartment right in the heart of the city ‘for now’ he said.

He wanted to give her her happily ever after.

She was sure he would fail. 

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