True Love Never Goes Away

Alex Mitchell is moving, leaving behind her true love. SHORT STORY!! Unless you want me to do more, of course.



As Alex Mitchell looked in the mirror applying her makeup, she looked at her reflection, wondering if it was still her. Yup, same waist length, messy, brown hair, sea foam green eyes, long, elf like nose, and pink lips. She was pretty, very pretty. She knew it. She just didn't brag about it. She attempted to brush her hair and, of course, failed.

"Alex! It's almost time to go!" Her insane mother called out.

Alex sighed. She was about to leave New York and move to California. She was leaving her school (although she wasn't too concerned about that), her friends, her house, and Michael, her boyfriend, well, now, ex-boyfriend. She loved him with all of her heart, as did he with her, but she was moving far away, and they couldn't do the long-distance relationship thing.

She walked down the stairs and saw her frail mom. Same long nose, but that's where their similarities ended. Her mom had bags under her dull green eyes, wrinkles, and gray hair. Alex couldn't help wondering if her mom was once beautiful. She wondering if her eyes had once not of been filled with sadness. Probably became like that when her father left her. She never knew him, and she wanted nothing to do with him. Still, she was curious.

As they traveled to the airport, Alex realized that her and Michael hadn't said goodbye yet. She bit her bottom lip, not wanting to cry in front of her mom, who was fragile as it was. They arrived at the airport and waited for the plane. Finally, the intercom spoke that flight 657 was about to take off. They walked to the exit when Alex heard a very familiar, "Alexa!"

She turned around and saw a tanned, tall boy with shaggy, brown hair with cocoa eyes looking at her in relief.

She smiled widely when she saw Michael. They ran at each other. When they got near one another, Michael picked up the pale beauty and twirled her around. When he stopped, he kissed her with passion. When they stopped, he set her down, smiled and said, "I couldn't let you go without doing that."

She shared another smile and said, "True love never goes away."

He wiped away a tear and whispered in her ear, "I love you, so I'm letting you go. If you come back, then we know we're meant to be."

"I'll come back, I promise."

She kissed him once more and walked away on the plane, thinking about Michael.

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading this, and I have some stuff I want to talk to you about. Now, I am working on a movella called The Graffiti Houdini. Clever, right? Anyway, I thought of it and I am currently working on it on two things. Movellas and on a computer. They are different in many ways, but I like the computer one better, so I might just redo it so both of them will be the same, but I think I will write the computer version as a different movella so you all can see which one is better. The one that has the most likes and comments saying that one is better is the winning movella and I will go with that one to write fully and see if I could get it published!!!!!!!! Well, thanks for reading this!

Bye! 🐢

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