I had it all planned out. My life was events waiting to happen. I was the ideal Christian girl I was hard working, went to church every week, went to school and did everything right. But somehow in a matter of minutes my whole world, life, beliefs, and plan changed. I did things that scare me, I did things that I didn't know I was even capable of. I don't know if I changed for the better or the worse. All I know is that I changed. He changed me.


2. Routines

I wake to the same corrupt worn alarm I've had since I was 14. As i wake i realize that my life was like a routine a to do list with boxes waiting for check marks. I get up and walk out to the kitchen grabbing a banana and head to the bathroom down the hall. I'm not A fan of much make up, All I do Is feather on my powder and lightly stroke it across my face. I apply a light mascara on my eyelashes and put some Chap stick on and call it good. I believe the natural look I think it's much more pretty for me than caking on make up.I finally got my roommate letting her have time to the bathroom as I headed to my closet. Its not much its two sliding doors and a single rack for hanging clothes, letting me have very little room for any of my clothes. So the majority of my clothes were stored in the dresser in the corner of my room. The closet only held my nice Sunday clothes and a couple nice blouses and pairs of slacks and my closet. So I head my dresser opening a top drawer and sliding on a pair of skinny jeans that cleaved to my shape quite well. I slid an old volleyball T-shirt from when I played on the team in high school and over top a campus sweatshirt with the schools logo printed on it. As you can tell I'm not one for fashion. I head back to the bathroom and to my surprise Lucy is already up getting ready and taking up most the bathroom. I notice her pitting on her piles of her make up I laugh knowing she looks much better without all of it and I threw my hair into a messy bun and I look at her curling iron waiting to be applied to her hair. She throws in of of her classic teasing remark saying how I need to care more about my appearance and I fire one back at her saying she should care more about her education. We both laugh it all off knowing we were both teasing. I hurry grab my brown bag storing my books and throw it over my shoulder and head out to my car.

Strangely enough me and Lucy don't carpool to and back from school, although it would save us money, I think it's mainly because were both on such different time schedules and have such different lifestyles that we decided it's better just to drive on our own. And strangely enough I love my morning Drives they allow me to have a peace of mind and let's me clear my mind off everything that I'm stressing out about that's me gather my thoughts and organize them in a way almost it lets me focus on just one thing: the road. I don't care about anything else but the road, but that soon cuts off when I have to park in the campus parking lot and go to class.

As soon as I step out of the car I realize that all I have on my feet are a pair of polka dot pink fuzzy socks. I laugh at myself realizing how blonde I had been walking out the house with no shoes on.I walk to the back of my car and open the trunk removing a pair of old white converses I left in there from a football game last week. I take them out and carry them over to a bench on the sidewalk of the campus and slide them under my feet. The Morning breeze brushes my face refreshingly and waking me up.

I'll spare you the gross details of my classes that day and just summarize them because they were mainly just lectures about new assignments I won't to look forward to next semester in most my classes.

I head to my car and drive off to Zions Bank. This is my other job besides Texas roadhouse and don't get me wrong it's a great job but I definitely don't prefer it over Texas roadhouse. Mainly because it's so boring and unsociable I mean i know you to talk to people but through a camera and a screen. And its always the same thing every day there's no surprises and variety it's just I magically lost $20 in account today can you help me? Or my transaction didn't go through.Or i can make a deposit. It's a very simple minded job as well as I kind of like different challenges at work I think I get those at Texas roadhouse if that place could pay me what I needed to cover everything I definitely would not work here. After I finished my job here for four hours I drive off to Texas and I was about 830 at the time my shift is until midnight and I knew that I was can be very tired the next day.

Sadly enough I didn't get the adventures I wanted at Texas its just that Mondays are a very slow day not very many people come in Since it's the beginning of the week. So most the time I was just cleaning wiping off tables picking up peanut shells off the ground and etc.

It was 12:03 when I walked out to the parking lot it was very dark since the street lights were flickering on and off and we're off most the time. It was very silent which was unusual and when I first walked out it was very cold but the silence was very soon interrupted with two strong male voices. Don't get me wrong I'm not a scaredy-cat or anything but the dark and being late at night and the strong voices frightened me and didn't mix well together. And the closer I got to my car the more escalated the conversation got. So I slightly started jogging closer and closer my car then I realized that I was just heading towards the two men, they were right in front of my car and as soon as I got to my car the two men turned around and looked at me in silence. I gave an awkward smile and then quickly looked back to my hands and got to my car and at the same time the older man of the two got into his car, I could see this Mans face but I cannot see the others because his back was facing me so all I could see was a tall broad figure and a head full of dark curly hair. As soon as the man drove off I was brought back into reality and attempted starting my car. And just my luck it wouldn't start. My car did this about once or twice every week, so it was no surprise, but I cannot stand it. After about five minutes of attempting to start my car I got out in frustration and dialed Lucy's number trying to call her for help.

As I was on the phone listening to it ring over and over again I turned around realizing the curly-haired man wasn't there. Then I look to the car next to me I saw his outline sitting which me, so I turned around and continued trying to call Lucy. But I heard a door shot from behind me and I hung up my phone turning to see what it was.

"Need a hand?" A strong but gentle British accent asks me.

"Yeah that could be helpful." I chuckle facing him.

He laughs and I notice how attractive he actually is. His hair suits his face very well and owned very deep forest green eyes which almost capture you, and then there was his smile which was very contagious almost forcing me to smile every time he did. He was very broad and built very well and he is very tall to my liking.

"Do you mind?" He asked gesturing to my keys. I then handed them over to him then he opened my door and squeezed inside since I have a very small car.

He then told me that I just need an oil change in my car starts up in a matter of seconds I'm amazed at how quickly he got it usually takes me Lucy an hour at least to figure it out.

"Thanks the car breaks down at least twice a week making me a damsel in distress constitutionally." I laugh rubbing my arms noticing how chilly it actually was out.

I look over to his car and realize it's very nice shiny black with tinted windows and I'm very curious of how someone so young but afford it.

"don't mention it. I don't mind being a hero every now and then." He replies cheesly smirking back at me. And I notice how his eyes and gaze up and down my body inspecting me almost. And my stomach flutters with excitement.

He then turns to get into his car and I not wanting him to leave so suddenly yell back at him, "Can I at least have my hero's name?" I say barley getting any words in from laughing so hard.

He turns and his eyes meet mine, "Harry, yours?" he chuckles.

"Emma Ceary." I simply reply as the right corner of his lips form a small smile.

"Ah Emma, I like that it's very simple but yet daring." He winks at me as I blush at his response.

"I take it you go to school here?" I State as he looked away, crossing my fingers he does.

"yeah I guess you could say that." He says moving closer to me and then leaning on my car next to me.

"well I guess and I'll see you around." i say standing back up

"Oh trust me, you will." he says then leaning to my ear ad continuing whispers, "I wont forget a face like yours." And his hot breath tickled in my ear.

"Be careful Ceary." I heard his voice, as i was still frozen from his gesture, then he got into his car and speed-ed off.

I bit my lip and in excitement and pulled down my Car mirror, actually carrying why looked like for once in my life I wanted to make sure looked good for when he was talking to me. As I look at my reflection and it's a caramel brown hair thrown up into a messy bun and red cheeks from the cold I look at myself and my green eyes fade to his and I couldn't even focus on my reflection all I could see in my mind was his face. I didn't understand why he memorizing me so much from such a simple conversation. And I realize the time and speed home and as i do i realize he was a break in my consent routine and I was glad.




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