Will I be redeemed

About a girl whose life changes due to a prophecy with the angels


1. The beginning.

“When God created man, out of jealousy Lucifer mounted a great rebellion in heaven. His army of angels were defeated and banished from paradise. These angels, the Fallen, abandoned Lucifer and found refuge on Earth among the pleasure of the humans. They took many wives and fathered abominations, children called the Nephilims. The powers of angels but the soul of a human. Angry, the creator flooded the earth killing the Nephilim and driving the Fallen into hiding.  Sending the Powers, the warrior angels to hunt down those who survived the flood. But the Fallen had begun to hope with a prophecy, a Nephilim will be born, to redeem them and send back to paradise. So the Fallen watched and waited….”


Regan was taking her pre-school morning jog through the forest on the outskirts of Rosewood. She loved to jog through there as the nature had easily captured her attention. She adored the colours that captured her eyes, the mixtures of greens, and the Techni-colourful flowers that bloomed. It was the polar opposite to what you see on television, the artificial lights and colours, it looked fake. Which was why she loved nature. It was real.  She pauses as she jogs out into the clearing that resided in the centre of the forest. Beads of sweat were trailing over her forehead. She raises her hand to wipe them away and smiles, she always knew that if she was sweating she was doing a good job, it was her own reward. Regan was not the kind of person that looked for praise or rewards from others, everything she did was for her own personal gain and progression. She enjoyed the solitude that it brought to her.

The rest of her jog took approximately another half an hour before she reached her home. Her house was a farm house. It was in pristine condition, in a glorious colour of white. The house was conceived as a torqued translucent volume with punched window openings that frame particular creek and mountain views. She loved her home, she could sit on the balcony or at the window and watch the views for hours and lose a sense of time without feeling bored. She runs up the steps into the house, the door creaks as she opens it despite her careful touch. In spite of its appearance, the house was rather old and was high maintenance in keeping it look so magnificent but she still took pride in it. She scampers to her room to get changed and ready for school, after a long shower she changes into her signature skinny jeans, tank top and leather jacket with her layered hair touching her shoulders. She stands in the mirror as she smoothes down her shirt. She tilts her head as she looks at her appearance. Her hair was layered, blonde with red streaks, her skin pale as snow that contrasted against her dramatic red lipstick and dark eyeliner. She had a single nose stud, she was not particularly a fan of piercings, on herself anyway. But she did it for her own self-image and a statement of independence against her parents.  She smiles at her reflection before bounding downstairs seeing her mother at the breakfast bar, smiling at her. “Happy birthday Regan.” Her mother squeals in happiness as she walks to her with open arms and a wide smile. 

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