Indigo Irwin

(Almost all of the story's I write witch contain one of the 5sos members sisters it's going to almost always be Ashton)
Hey!everybody calls me indigo.I have a brother his name is Ashton.My real name is NOT indigo.You will learn it soon,I promise.Read this book about how indigos life turns upside down and she's forced to change.Will it go ok or will her whole life be screwed up?
(I'm not one for romance so this is NOT a romance book.


2. the winners

Heeeeyyyy guys!!!!i have some people who won the contest!!!!i still need calums,nialls,Harry's girlfriends!!!that means Louis Liam zayn Michael Ashton and Luke are all taken!!im sorry if they were who you wanted :( but there are the other boys!!!here are the winners!!!!-

Louis girlfriend:


Emma,<3 carrots,jokes,singing,dancing,art.HATES,spiders.

Zayns girlfriend:


Sereen,Disney movies,candy,is shy when you first meet her then she gets silly,curly brown hair dip dyed blue ends,brown eyes,HATES,needles and spiders.

Michaels girlfriend:


Kat,brown hair,green eyes,music,cats,Pokemon,nerdy stuff,HATES,spiders,octopuses.

Liam's girlfriend:


Melody,soccer,shy then crazy,fave color is green,HATES,Mosquitos,has dark brown hair,hazel eyes.

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