Eases the Pain

Poetry is a complex perfection, associable with nothing less than the truth
- Kurt Ludwig Shroder
Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
- Robert Frost


3. Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf running so wild

Take me into the night

Big Bad Wolf howling to the moon

Show me the sights you've seen

Big Bad Wolf prowling about

Teach me to hunt as graceful as you

Big Bad Wolf snarling aloud

Instruct me on how to survive

Big Bad Wolf staring at me

Are the stories true?

Big Bad Wolf whining sadly

Is there any place for misfits like us?

Big Bad Wolf take me away

Big Bad Wolf show me the sights

Big Bad Wolf teach me to hunt

Big Bad Wolf instruct me to survive

Big Bad Wolf I hope you know

I'm Little Red with nowhere to go

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