Cinderella's sister.

Eleanor and Ellie are twin sisters and as her sister gets her happily ever after with Prince Charming she is left to cope with the troubles in her life. Will Ellie find love and with who?


2. the ugly step-mother.

Ellie POV.

Looks like dad brought back another whore. But this time he came to me with information. This girl walked in my house lie she owns the place and fucking hits me over the head with a fucking beer bottle! " who the fuck are you slut!" "Your damn mother bitch." "What the hell do you mean?" "Oh hello slut! Hello Margaret!" "Dad who's this?" I dared to ask. "Don't call me dad slut. This is your new mother!" "What?"

A/N: sorry for these short chapters I can't think of anything to wright. If you want to suggest anything please don't hesitate I love hearing from people. Luv ya Ash <(0-o)>

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