Cinderella's sister.

Eleanor and Ellie are twin sisters and as her sister gets her happily ever after with Prince Charming she is left to cope with the troubles in her life. Will Ellie find love and with who?


7. the talk

Ellie's POV

When we got home I was calmer than in the car. Eleanor brought me over to the side while Louis was talking to Niall. "So…um…what's up!" I asked not really knowing what to say. "Are you and Niall a…?" "A…?" I asked because she didn't complete her question. "A thing?" "What is that supposed to mean?" " It means are you guys dating?" "NO why would you even think that we JUST met!" Seriously what was she thinking?" Because he saved you, and I know he wouldn't do that for anyone. Only someone he really cares about. And you were snuggling up to him in the car." She added. "Well we met before. I was running away from dad and I bumped into him. We talked for like 5 minutes, tops! And I was scared Eleanor I almost died. I was scared that's why. And if you're going to question everything i do maybe I don't wanna stay." I said turning around and started walking away. She grabbed my arm." I don't think so Ellie! After what just happened you're not leaving. Look I'm sorry I'm just confused and scared, like you. So please don't get mad at me." "Ok sissy. I love you!" "I love you to baby.

Niall's POV

Louis brought me to the side for a second "hey man um are you and Ellie…?" "What no.…no" "but you want to be?" He asked me "should You lie and say no. No he can see right through your lies tell him the truth Niall." The voice Inside my head said. Ok I was gonna tell him the truth. It must have taken a long time to choose because next the I knew I heard "Niall, Niall, dude?" "Yeah, I mean what?" "Do you wanna be with her?" He asked me. I told myself I was telling him the truth so I was. "Um😳 yes!" I said.

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