Cinderella's sister.

Eleanor and Ellie are twin sisters and as her sister gets her happily ever after with Prince Charming she is left to cope with the troubles in her life. Will Ellie find love and with who?


4. Niall?

Niall's POV

So this beautiful girl bumped into me. She looked scared, really scared. I heard her angelic voice saying "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" It was fine a complete accident. "It alright." She hadn't looked up until she heard me talk. "Oh,you're from my sisters boyfriends boy band. Niall I think!" I heard my name and looked up at her. We stared into each other's eyes for a little then I asked "are you Eleanor's sister?" "Yes I am! Listen I'm really sorry but I have to leave!" "Why where are you going?" "I-I don't know!" She said. Was she crying? It sounded like she was or she was just super scared. "Are you crying?" "Maybe!" She added walking away. I started chasing after her. "Wait I don't even know your name!" I said panting. "My names Ellie and…Oh shit gotta run!" She said running off "ELLIE WAIT!!" If she was going somewhere I wanted to go. I only just met her but I think that she-she may be my princess. I have to find her I thought to myself she looked back at me as I looked at her. She mouthed "look out!" She pointed behind me and there were like hundreds of girls "thanks!" I mouthed back with a smile running in the opposite direction. Then I lost her. And I will never forgive my self.

Ellie's dad's POV

Where was that little slut? Talking to her mother like that? Telling Eleanor EVERYTHING! And running off? When I find her I should kill her for this. She can't do this. I'm an American in Ireland. I have a right to get drunk when I want, smoke when I want and beat her every second I have until her or my death. I WILL find her and I WILL kill her. This is no joke.

Ellie's POV

I ran after I warned niall. I ran and never looked back. I have my phone with me so I called el once I got to these train tracks, they were abandoned so I didn't have to worry about it. I rung. I was scared she wouldn't pick up.

_______________on phone________________

"El= Eleanor E= Ellie

El-Eh babe! How are you?

E- to be honest sissy I'm scared. He's after me. I'm scared he'll kill me!

El-Don't worry! Come live with us. You don't have to travel that far and we'll take really good care of you.

E- no he'll find me sissy. I'm gonna go where I know I'll be safe.

El- where? WHERE ARE YOU *in background* EL ARE YOU OK? Eleanor??

El-where are you I'm coming after you!

E-You know how we had those codes for everything when we were little?

El-yeah why?

E-I'm at the vroom-vroom station!

El-got it I'm on my way!

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