Cinderella's sister.

Eleanor and Ellie are twin sisters and as her sister gets her happily ever after with Prince Charming she is left to cope with the troubles in her life. Will Ellie find love and with who?


11. interruptions

Zayn's POV!

We barged into the house. This felt so weird because it was some random girls house, well not really because she's El's sister but, you know what I mean. Man, why am I always talking to myself, arguing with myself and getting off topic. See there I go again. UGH ZAYN SHUT UP!!! "Don't you think it's weird just walking into her house?" I asked quietly. I don't normally talk all that much, as in my voice is SO beautiful and I don't need to damage it by talking (management's words not mine.) (FUN FACT zayn's voice IS AMAZAYN! The more you know!) "No not really. Doesn't it feel like we've known her longer than we actually have?" Asked Harry. "Duh, it does to you Harry because you're so in love with her." Liam said in a mocky tone. "Am not. She's pretty but I do NOT like her. She's Niall's." Harry argued. I kinda laughed at that but Liam knocked on Ellie's door and she opened it.

Ellie's POV!

"Hey guys what's going on?" I asked as they walked into my room. Liam let go of the boys' collars and they fell to the ground. Clearly surprised. "Easy Liam." Started Niall. "Don't kill them." He added. "Sorry Niall. Sorry guys." He apologized to the two beautiful boys on the floor. "It's fine bro." Zayn said. He wasn't really one to star fights or get mad really, he kept to himself most of the time. "Just peachy!" Harry added sarcastically. "So what are you guys here for again?" Niall said grabbing my waist. "We were kinda in the middle of something!" He continued, blushing. "Well we just came to see how you guys we-." Liam started before the door bursts open again expect this time with Eleanor and Louis outside off it. "What the fuck bitches?"

Hey, listen guys. I know it's been a long time since I've talked to you guys on here and I know I haven't been updating a lot. It's because I just moved into a new house and there's so much to do and… I'm sorry. So I was wondering what you guys thought about this. Is there anything I can add to make this more interesting and I think (sorry if this is the wrong person or if I spell it wrong) liamandrachel4eva is doing a review on this one (I think sorry if it's not you or i spelt it wrong) so go check that out if it's done yet. Of it is then good job👍 so I'm going to start a new "movella" witch will just be me listing off facts about me. If you think that will be a cool idea or if you think I could make either of my movellas more interesting comment. Also lease like this if you like this or you think that my fact list will be a cool idea. Luv ya ash <(0-o)>

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