Cinderella's sister.

Eleanor and Ellie are twin sisters and as her sister gets her happily ever after with Prince Charming she is left to cope with the troubles in her life. Will Ellie find love and with who?


12. Cinderellie

Louis' POV!

As soon as we saw Liam leaving the house we got so worried. We didn't know what they were doing. I knew they didn't like hanging out with just me and el but they normally tell us where they're going. "Where are they going?" El asked in her heavenly voice. "I don't know but we're finding them. Where do you think they went?" I asked her. "She always had this spot in the house where she felt safe, she felt safe because dad never found her there. We could check the house. Plus I haven't been there in so long so it will be like a coming home party." She said laughing as we walked out the door. I loved how in a serious situation (not really serious but…) she could just laugh it off a pretend it was ok.

We walked up to the house. Nobody was in the living room or kitchen. "Let's Check her room?" El asked. I followed her up the steps. "What the fuck?" Was all I could think to say when I saw them. Zayn and Harry on the floor Niall's hands around Ellie's waist. Her leaning back on to him and Liam just letting it happen. He was letting them fall in love. How was el with all of this. I personally thought she wasn't ready for this. Did anyone else agree with me? Probably not. "Louis calm down nothing's happening."Niall said Liam rubbing my back. I thought about it but then I snapped. "What's wrong with you guys? Taking advantage of her like this?" "Like what Louis? I'm not taking advantage of her!" Niall shouted back. I saw Ellie grab his hand. She held it tight. That didn't make me stop. It made Madder. "Niall she's probably not ready for this and you know it!" I yelled to Niall. Niall was about to talk when Ellie cut in. Tightening the grip she had on Niall's hand. "You know what Louis how long have you known me? Less time then Niall has. I'm tweety-one and I don't need you sticking up for me. I know when I'm ready for things!" She shouted. She loosened her grip on Niall's hand softened the look in her eyes and looked over at Niall. "And I'm ready for this."she said kissing Niall. While everyone else was in awe I wasn't. She wasn't ready for this, she knew it, I knew it, Niall knew it and Eleanor knew it. He was going to break her heart. And I was never going to forgive myself.

Niall's POV!

She-she kissed me. I was so happy I could scream! I loved her. It took a whole for me to understand her but once I did I understood her beauty. I understood how she could be so loving and caring. She explored and had a great imagination. She was gentle and in a way reminded me off the Disney princesses. Let me explain. She was pretty, she was gentle and kind with animals. She was independent and loved the feeling and idea of doing things on her own. She was always imagining things and asking me things little lids would ask their parents. "Why is the sky blue? Why do I have ten fingers and ten toes? Why can't we all be mammals, why does it have to be so confusing? She makes me feel special knowing that she, after her traumatic past, was able to love me and feel comfortable with me. I truly did love her and would do anything for her. She was the one. My princess.

Ellie's POV!

As the kiss ended a slightly disappointing feeling went through my body. It was perfect. I didn't want the kiss to end. He whispers into my ear saying "you're my princesse." I hugged him and never wanted to let him go. I was falling in love. I Cinderellie (get it Cinderella? Cinderellie. Love it.) have found my Prince Charming and I know that my past is a bit odd but we focus on the future. Our future, together.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~the end~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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