Dum Dum (Calum Hood AU)

"You’ll never be the same.
Once you've had a taste of living my way,
You’ll be forever changed."


1. Disclaimer.

Just in case someone takes this entire story seriously (this probably won't happen, but whatever), this is a fan fiction. It is purely made up. I do not encourage relationships like the ones that will be displayed in this story and I do not encourage the behavior displayed in the story either. If I say anything or write about anything that you find offensive, please tell me and I will try to change it as soon as possible.





-Underage Drinking

-Underage Smoking

-Eating Disorders

-Self Harm


-Drug Use


I figured that it would be best if I say this upfront and let you know in case you are uncomfortable with these subjects. I understand that this is rated Red (16+), but I just wanted you to have this information beforehand.





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