Time of the Flame

Briar has always known to expect the worse. She also knows never to trust in things like true love. She has always known to cover her sorrow with humour. Until she meets a guy that makes her feel alive and shows her there is a lot better things in the world but also a whole lot worse. What if all she's known about her family is wrong? What if all she knows about herself is wrong?


2. Surprise, Surprise

Chapter 2

The forest is blazing in fire- fire that I am powerless to stop. I hear screams and cries for help and.... I stand there. I fall to my knees and cover my ears, trying to block out the helpless people that I am useless to help. I am just a projection in a future that is inevitable. Someone with shaggy blonde hair comes out of the forest. He turns and I see who it is- Jacob.

"Briar! Where are you?!" He screams, looking around wildly.

I gasp and am dragged out of the vision.

I wake up on the floor of the hallway. Jackson leans over me.

"Forest fire." I croak.

Jackson nods and helps me to my feet.

Jacob raises a eyebrow. "You okay?"

I nod. "So, now you know my brother."

"We didn't actually get introduce." My brother says, knowing full well that was my way of dismissing him.

I groan and say, "Jacob, my dumb brother, Jackson. Jackson, the new guy, Jacob."

Jackson nods and walks away to his friends.

"Let's get back to the tour." I say, walking to the cafeteria.

"What happened to you?" Jacob asks, catching up to my long stride.

I shrug. "I passed out because my awesomeness sometimes makes me passed out. No biggie."

"Are you capable of being serious?"

I attempt a pathetic British accent. "Of course. At dinner, I always have tea and biscuits and I talk about excruciatingly boring weather and politics."

"So, that's a no."

I drop the accent. "Yup." I point to the cafeteria. "That's the cafeteria."

My other best friend, Muse, bounces up. "Hey, Briar! Who's this?" She points to Jacob.

"Hi, Muse. This is Jacob."

Jacob does a over exaggerated bow. "For Muse it's Jake."

Muse giggles and I roll my eyes and lean against a wall.

"So, Briar, what's your Valentine's Day plans?" Muse asks.

"Ah, you know, trying to avoid every lovey-dovey thing in existence." I glance back and forth between Jacob and Muse. "So far, I'm failing."

Muse rolls her eyes and Jacob snorts.

"Anyway, we better keep going, Jake." I say.

"Oh, I'll come!" Muse exclaims.

"Well, if you're you're coming you should get Grace." I say, and Muse scurries off.

"What did you want time alone with me?" Jacob asks.

I snort. "Hell,no."

My friend, Domingo (yes, it's unfortunate, we usually call him Dom), comes jogging up.

"What's up, Dom?" I ask, as he puts his arm around my shoulder.

Grace and Muse jog up too.

"Jesse and Daniel." He states plainly and I know instantly what he means.

"Let's go." I say, Grace, Muse and Dom immediately follow but Jacob doesn't. "C'mon, Jacob." I practically growl. He follows.

When we get outside, Jesse Dankford and Daniel Eugo are circling each other. Daniel supposedly stole Jesse's girlfriend, Tiffany, the head cheerleader and most annoying girl of all time.

"Hey!" I call, walking toward them.

Daniel knows I'm going to stop the fight, so he lunges at Jesse. I grab them both by the collars of their shirts.

"This is getting ridiculous." I snap.

"Well, he-" Jesse starts but I interrupt.

"Yeah, yeah, he supposedly stole your girlfriend."

"He did!" Jesse exclaims.

"Who told you that?" Daniel demands.

"Tiffany." Jesse mutters.

"She wants you jealous, dumb ass." I say, letting go of both of them. "She enjoys you fighting over her."

"Sorry." Jesse mutters.

"Me too." Daniel mutters, looking away.

"Now that you two are done acting like fourth graders, I am leaving."

Daniel touches my arm and asks, "Are you coming to the party tonight, Briar?"

I take my arm out of his grip and say, "Possibly." I walk away.

"Who are they? Why were they fighting? Why did you have to break it up?" Jacob asks.

"Jesse Dankford, quarterback in football and Daniel Eugo, best defender in hockey in the school. They were fighting over a girl, the head cheerleader to be precise. I have to stop them because everyone else is either to scared or enjoys it too much." I answer.

"Does Daniel have a crush on you?"

Grace, Muse, Dom and I laugh.

Dom snorts. "Yeah, right. That guy is in love with his hockey."

"Are we going to the party?" Muse asks.

"Let's vote." I answer. "All in favour of going." Grace, Muse and Dom raise their hands. "All in favour if eating chocolate." I raise my hand.

"It is decided!" Grace exclaims.

"Damn." I mutter.

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