Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


36. Tourist For The Day

*Jamie's POV*
        "We're here," the driver said, pulling up to a fancy looking hotel.
        I stepped out of the large, black SUV, carrying my suitcase with me. Alli and I are joining the band on their 'Where We Are' tour. It was kinda last minute so Liam and I didn't really get to talk about it. Of course I said yes and of course I'm happy but, Liam and Louis must of went through so much trouble to get Alli and I to join them. We took a flight to Bogota, Columbia in South America to meet up with Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. 
        "Woah," Alli whispered just loud enough for me to hear. A gust of wind hit us making our hair fly around. Since it's Summer in North America, it's a little chilly in South America. "It's so big!" she quickly covered her mouth after realizing what she had said. 
        "Hehe, that's what she said," I giggled. Alli gave me a playful glare and we slowly made our way inside, pushing past the paparazzi. I took out my phone to call Liam to see if he was already here. 
        "Boo!" somebody shouted from behind me. I turned around to see Liam's happy face. I smiled and gave him a peck on the lips. "I missed you,"
        "Liam, it's only been 2 days," I chuckled.
        "Two days is too long," he smiled and kissed me on the forehead.
        "No PDA!" shouted Louis, jokingly. "Get a room!" Louis and Alli walked towards the elevator. Liam and I followed and Louis pressed the number 8 button. When the doors opened, Liam took my suitcase and headed to the room we're sharing together. Alli's sharing a room with Louis, Harry's rooming with Niall, and Zayn got a room for himself this time. Liam unlocked the door and I instantly saw an amazing view from the windows. 
        "This. Is. Awesome," I said in awe as I walked into the hotel room. It didn't even look like a hotel room. It looked like a full out apartment! It had a little room for eating and everything! "Is this seriously a hotel room?"
        "The best one management could find," 
        "This is better than where I live," I mumbled under my breath. Liam chuckled and set my suitcase by the closet. 
        "We have our concert at 5 and after that we have a short meet and greet. Do you wanna come?"
        "I think I'm gonna sit out on this one. I'm not a crowd person. Sorry,"
        "That's fine. We're all going out to dinner at 7:30. Be ready by then?"
        "Okay," I smiled and sat on the plush bed.
        "While we're away, you can go around the city with Alli if you'd like. One of our drivers can take you anywhere you'd like,"
        "Will do," my stomach gurgled since I haven't even anything all day. 
        "I gotta go. I'll see you later," Liam gave me a kiss on the lips and gave me a second room key. When he left, I took out my phone to text Alli.

Purple: Jamie        Pink: Alli
Hey. Liam just left to his concert. Are you going?
No, are you?
Nope. Wanna go sight seeing?
Yes! Let's get something to eat though first. I'm starving! Meet me at my hotel room?

        I grabbed my purse and walked out of the hotel room, locking it behind me. I made my way to Alli's room which was not too far down the same hall. Alli opened the door before I could knock.
        "I'm gonna die of hunger!" she said, locking the door. "Let's find us some food," She pulled me into the elevator. Whenever Alli was hungry, nothing could stop her. When the elevator reached the 1st floor, Alli practically ran out of it, still pulling me. 
        "Alli, slow down. You're gonna rip my arm off,"
        "I see food!" she shrieked, making her way to the diner area. This hotel has everything. A free all you can eat meal just placed here for anyone! Alli took a plate and piled it up with mashed potatoes, fried chicken, cauliflower, and a slice of pizza. Ever since we were little, she would always eat a lot. She never got fat though, she was always in perfect shape. I put smaller portions of what Alli put on her plate on mine but I didn't add the pizza. We sat at a small table in the corner. Alli finished her food almost instantly and went up for desert. While I waited for Alli to come back, my vision was blocked by a pair of hands.
        "Guess who," a guy's voice said. 
        "Uhm, Liam?" I asked, not knowing who it was.
        "Guess again," since he didn't have a British or Irish accent, I thought about other guys I know. That's easy since I only know two and one of them are in jail.
        "Logan?" He took his hands away from my eyes and I turned around to see Logan's face. "Hey! What are you doing here?"
        "I had some time off so I decided to go on a little vacation," he sat in a chair next to me. "What are you doing here?"
        "I'm joining Liam and his band on their tour,"
        "I knew I've heard about him before! He's in One Direction, right?" 
        "That's right," Alli walked back to the table with a piece of chocolate cake on her plate.
        "Logan?" she said after seeing him.
        "Hey! You're joining One Direction on their tour too?"
        "Yeah, Louis invited me. We're kinda dating," Alli blushed.
        "Congratulations!" he said smiling.
        "Are you here with Alex?" I asked.
        "Actually, no. I'm here by myself. My manager said I should have some alone time once and a while so I obeyed. Alex's filming a movie anyways,"
        "Do you wanna hang out with us? We were gonna go sight seeing anyways,"
        "Sure! Where to?"
        "I was thinking maybe the Torre Colpatria?" Alli and Logan both nodded and we made our way to the front door. One of One Direction's drivers was waiting for us outside. I told him where we wanted to go and he nodded, starting up the SUV and leaving the parking lot.
        "Holy freaking moley," Alli sighed looking up after we've reached our destination.
        "That is one tall building," Logan followed. I gazed up and was in awe myself. We walked into the building and saw a sign saying, 'Free Tour Around The Torre Colpatria!'. A group of tourist were huddled next to it. A lady holding a tiny flag and a microphone was also standing there. 
        "May we have a tour?" I asked the lady.
        "Of course!" she smiled. "Okay everybody! Our tour group is full! Please stay together at all times!" Logan, Alli, and I toured all the way to the top of the building until we finally broke away from the group. 
        "All of these years I've known you, I've never seen the rebel side," Logan chuckled. 
        "Leaving a group is not considered being a rebel," I playfully glared at him.
        "It is if the lady tells you not to," Alli joked. I rolled my eyes at her, joking of course. I turned around to look out the window. 
        "It's like experiencing the London Eye all over again. Well, except that the view is different," I sighed, remembering what it was like. We gazed out of the window for another couple minutes, taking in the view before we left the building. I shivered at the sudden blow of the wind.
        "Are you cold?" Logan rubbed my arms with his hands. I snuggled under his arm as we walked towards the street to get a taxi. Thankfully, I didn't see any paparazzi. When we got into the warm SUV, Logan told the driver to go to a cafe. 
        Logan took my hand and brought me into the cute corner cafe. Alli lead the way, eager to eat more food.
        "Are those cake pops?!" she shrieked, running to the counter. I giggled and Logan smirked. "Can I have one, can I have one, can I have one?!"
        "Yes, Alli. You can have one," I smiled. 
        "Yay! 3 cake pops and a White Chocolate Mocha please," she ordered and paid the person working the cash register. Alli went to find us a seat while Logan and I paid.
        "A Chocolate Chai Tea Latte please," I said after looking at the menu above the counter.
        "And I'll have a Peppermint Hot Chocolate," Logan said. Before I could pull out my wallet, Logan already placed the money on the counter.
        "Logan, you don't need to pay,"
        "I know but I want to,"
        "Fine. Only this time though,"I said, zipping up my purse. The worker came back from the kitchen with our drinks and Logan and I made our way to where Alli was sitting. After we sat, she handed us each a cake pop. I took a sip of my delicious drink and whipped cream got on my nose. I giggled and Logan wiped it off with his napkin. We all made small talk and caught up with eachother since we've missed out on so much with eachother. Logan told us about his acting career and I talked about graduating college. I didn't want to mention anything about my parents until Logan brought them up. 
        "I haven't heard from your parents in a while. I went to your house but it was for sale. Did they move or something?" he asked, taking the last bite of his cake pop. 
        "Uhm," I didn't know what to say. "They're uh, dead..."
        "Oh my god, I didn't know. I'm so sorry," Logan said, rubbing my back.
        "It's okay," I mumbled, a single tear rolling down my cheek.
        "It's gonna be okay," he said, wiping away my tear and hugging me. I pulled myself together and we talked about some other stuff before finishing up our drinks and heading back to the hotel. 
        "So you're staying in the same hotel?" I asked when we approached our hotel.
        "Yeah, 5th floor. You?" he said, leading us inside.
        "8th, the top floor," Alli answered.
        "The view is amazing," I included. My phone vibrated and I saw it was a text from Liam. 

        Almost done with our concert! I'll be home in about an hour. Love you :) 

        I looked at the time seeing that's it's already 6:30. "Logan, I'm sorry to say that Alli and I have to go and get ready for something. Thank's for joining us!" I said before pulling Alli into the elevator.

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