Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


66. Niall's Birthday

*Niall's POV*

        "HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIALL!" The crowd screamed making me beam with joy. Today is my 21st birthday. Harry started singing happy birthday and everybody joined in. I couldn't stop smiling. I can't believe I'm already 21. It seemed I turned 20 just a couple weeks ago. Time flies by when you're having fun. 
        "Thank you so much everyone!" I said into my microphone with Irish colors on the end. "I would be home celebrating my 21st birthday with my parents if it wasn't for all of you. I'm so glad and thankful that I have all of you guys supporting me. Not just me but me and my lads. Thank you for making my 21st birthday unforgettable!" I gave a smile and then I felt cold and good smelling stuff on my face. I licked my lips to find it sweet. I set my microphone down and wiped the cake off of my eyes before opening them. The fans were laughing and flashing pictures. I couldn't help but laugh too. I licked the extra frosting off of my fingers. Liam stood a few feet away from me, laughing, with cake all over his hands. I ran over to him and Liam seemed to know what I was going to do.
        "Niall, don't," Liam put his hands in front of him to protect himself. But it was too late, I wiped my face of with his tank top and plopped some frosting in his hair. 
        "Too late," I smirked. After the other lads settled down, we said our goodbyes to Pasadena. I have no idea what we're doing tonight so I guess I'll have to wait and see.
        "That was hilarious!" Jamie laughed, Alli having tears in her eyes from laughing too hard. I looked down at my cake covered body and started laughing again. Jamie's eyes shifted from me to somebody behind me. I turned to see Liam waddling over. "Do you need some help?" Jamie said between giggles.
        "I have cake in my pants!" Liam whined, going towards the dressing room. 
        "I'll get some new clothes for you and some shampoo. You can head right to the showers," Jamie giggled, going into the dressing room before Liam was even close to it since he was walking slowly to try not to get more cake in his pants. Liam turned to his left and started towards the showers. I shook my head, smiling and went into my dressing room to get some clothes for myself but came to see Jamie already looking through my section of the clothes rack.
        "Are you having trouble getting Liam's clothes?" I asked casually. Jamie whipped her head around and smiled.
        "I'm being a nice friend and helping you out too," Jamie said in her sweet voice. Liam is one lucky guy.
        "I'm guessing I should head over to the showers too?" I raised an eyebrow. Jamie nodded and went back to picking out my clothes. I smirked and headed to the showers.

*Jamie's POV*
        I picked out some clothes for Liam and for Niall as well. After all, he's like a brother to me. I sent them both to the showers and started heading over myself. I got close enough to hear the water running and Niall singing. He's one of those people who sing in the shower, like me. I could hear Liam chuckling as Niall makes up new lyrics for 'Best Song Ever'. 
        "Should I shield my eyes or are you both covered?" I shouted into the bathroom so both of the boys could hear.
        "You're good!" Liam called back. I walked in and saw two of the showers with their curtains pulled closed. I slid travel size shampoo and conditioner bottles into each shower, hung a towel on the hooks outside of each shower and set their folded clothes on the stool underneath the hooks. 
        "Yell if you need something else," I said before walking out of the bathroom.        
        "JAMIE!" I heard Liam yell. I sighed and smiled to myself.
        "Yes?" I said once I was in the bathroom again.
        "Thank you," I could just imagine Liam's 'Thank You' smile. Whenever Liam says 'thank you', he has a certain smile that's different than his usual one.
        "Thank you too," Niall said in his Irish accent.
        "Well, that's what friends and girlfriends are for," I smiled and headed outside of the bathroom again. I headed back to where Alli was sitting and sat next to her. After a few minutes, Niall and Liam came back with their dirty clothes in hand. Somebody that worked in the dressing room took the dirty clothes from them and disappeared into the dressing room. 
        "All set to go?" Louis asked. Zayn, Harry, and Louis were sitting by us since they didn't need to take a shower but just change into clean clothes. 
        "It's nice to have clean hair," Niall smiled.
        "It's nice to have clean underwear," Liam added. I giggled and we all headed to the large SUV waiting for us to take us back to the hotel. I hope nobody spilled about Niall's surprise birthday party. It's not going to be at the hotel but at rented room somewhere Liam booked. We're all going back to the hotel and when Niall gets back in his room, Alli, Harry, Louis, Zayn, and I are all gonna go to the party while Liam and Niall 'get pizza'. The car pulled to the door of the hotel and as usual, the front door was swarmed by fans. All of us managed to push pass all the people and get into the hotel. We parted and went into each of our rooms and when we knew Niall was in his room, all of us but Liam dashed into and SUV waiting for us by the back exit of the hotel. The driver already knew where to go and drove us their quickly.

*Liam's POV*
        My phone dinged and a text from Jamie appeared.
We're at the party, it's time.

        I smiled and headed towards Niall's room.
        "Oh, hey mate," Niall smiled and went back into the room, sitting on a couch.
        "We're all pretty hungry, want to get some pizza and bring it back?" I lied.
        "Sure, I'm starving!" Niall jumped up and locked the door behind him faster than ever. We loaded into an SUV and the driver already knew where we were going so I didn't need to say anything. Niall was too busy on Twitter to be observant of his surroundings. I hope he'll like the surprise.

*Jamie's POV*
        I was going around the very large room, keeping people in their hiding places quite and hidden since Niall and Liam would be hear any minute. The party wasn't far from the hotel so it could be any second they pop their heads into the room. My phone vibrated and a message form Liam popped onto the screen.

We're here. Get in your places!

        I smiled and ran to where I was supposed to hide which was extremely close to the door. I could hear Niall's voice asking why him and Liam were here and Liam saying there's a pizza place on this floor. The door swung open the the lights flicked on. "SURPRISE!" Everybody cheered. The look on Niall's face was priceless. He looked happy, shocked, scared, and surprised (of course) all at the same time.
        "Oh my god! That's amazing!" Niall pointed to the cake.
        "I'm glad you like it!" Alli smiled and gave Niall a hug. She picked out the cake.
        "Thank you guys! This means so much!" Niall came over and gave me a hug and gave one to the rest of the boys as well. Niall's parents were here and so are a lot of his hometown friends. Not to mention celebrities the boys picked to come as Niall's special guests. Even Perrie was here. I saw Niall greet his parents and some other people. 
        "Who wants pizza?!" I said into a microphone so people could hear me over the loud music. 
        "ME!" Niall went running towards the table full of different types of pizzas. I giggled and let everyone dig in. After the pizza course, it was time for cake. Alli and I stuck in 21 candles and lit each and everyone of them. Niall was seated in front of the cake and we all sang happy birthday to him.

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Niall
Happy birthday to you!

        Everyone clapped and Niall blew out the candles with two blows.
        "Ooo, Niall's got two girlfriends," Alli joked in a little girl voice. Everyone gave chuckles and I handed Niall a knife to cut the first piece of cake. Slices of cake were being handed to everyone in the room and after everyone got a plate, Niall took the first bite. 
        "The best cake I've ever tasted in my life," Niall said, cake still in his mouth. Everyone cheered and took their bites as well. Alli finished hers so fast, she got two more pieces before Niall even finished his first piece! After more socializing, dancing, and singing to music, Niall picked up a microphone to talk. "Thank you all for the best birthday. I can't believe I'm 21 and it makes me so happy for all of you to be here. Thank's for a wonderful birthday!" Niall cheered. 
        "You know what being 21 means?" Louis smirked at Niall once he got back to our group.
        "What?" Niall took a sip of his soda.
        "You're aloud to drink legally in America now!" Louis shook Niall's shoulders like he should know this. Louis picked up a beer that he had opened for Niall and handed it to Niall.
        "To being 21!" Niall smiled and clinked his beer with Louis' and Zayn's beers while he gave cheers to Liam, Harry, Alli, and my sodas. "Thanks for giving me a great start of being 21!"

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