Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


4. Nervous

I got out of the car feeling dizzy. I always get dizzy when I'm really, really nervous. When Liam got out of his car, he saw me struggling to walk. I tried walking to the front of my car but collapsed on the ground.
        "Jamie! Are you okay? What's wrong?!" Liam said while running up to me.
        "It's fine. I get dizzy when I'm nervous." I replied, rubbing my temples.
        "Do you need to go to the hospital?"
        "No. I'm okay. I just need to sit down."
        "Can you walk?" I tried standing up but failed and fell on my butt. "Are you okay?" Liam struggled not to laugh.
        "I'm okay." I started giggling myself. All of a sudden, Liam picked me up effortlessly, bridal style. I put my arms around his neck for support. He carried me to the elevator and pressed button 5. In just a matter of seconds, we reached the 5th floor. Liam continued carrying me to his room that he shared with Niall. "Love, will you please knock?" I nodded and knocked 3 times quickly. 
        "Just a second!" yelled Niall with his Irish accent.
        "Mate! Open the door!" Liam called back. Niall came to the door surprised. "Finally."
        "What's wrong with Jamie?" Niall asked, confused. Liam set me on his bed and went to get me some water.
        "I'm fine. Really, I am. I just felt a little dizzy." I answered Niall's question. Liam came back into the room with a bottle of water. "Thank you." I took a sip of the water and instantly felt relieved. 
        "So, tell me why you're so nervous." Liam said.
        "I'm kinda afraid the rest of the boys wont like me. I mean, they know a little about me but, what if they don't like the rest?"
        "Are you kidding? You're awesome!" interrupted Niall, smiling.
        "Thanks." I blushed and smiled.
        "I guarantee they're going to love you." Liam said smiling. Again, that smile. It pulls me into a trance that I don't want to get out of.
        "Okay, I believe you. Thanks again." Just then, the rest of the boys opened the door and come in laughing and talking. 
        "Vas happenin!" called out Zayn as he entered the door.
        "What are you guys doing here?" asked Niall.
        "Louis locked us out of our room." exclaimed Harry.
        "I'm sorry!" Louis fake cried.
        "Then what's Zayn doing here." asked Liam.
        "I got bored." answered Zayn. All this time, it's like they didn't even know I was there. Then Liam spoke up.
        "Jamie's here!" 
        "Hi." I smiled.
        "Nice to see you again." said Harry.
        "Liam! You've found my human!" Louis screamed as he came running to me and giving me a huge hug. I hugged back.
        "Sorry about Louis. He's a bit crazy." Zayn smiled.
        "It's fine. I've dealt with Alli my whole life." The boys started laughing and I joined in. After our laughing session, we got to know eachother better. Liam exclaimed his fear of spoons and told me he cried while watching 'Toy Story 3'. I couldn't lie, I told him I did too I mean, who didn't?! Louis said he and Liam made Harry cry twice by giving him a major wedgie therefore ripping his underwear and straightening his hair in his sleep. That one got me and I laughed until I couldn't breath. The boys joined in and Harry even gave a little laugh. Niall said he screamed when Justin Bieber followed him and that he sings really loud in the shower.  Zayn said that Niall tried eating his hand because he ate the last chip. Harry admitted he has a bad temper and he's scary when he gets mad since he has a low voice.  He also speaks fluent French. Then it was my turn. "There's nothing special about me. I'm just a regular girl."
        "There has to be something." said Louis.
        "Well, I'm half Chinese and half American..." I trailed off.
        "That's so cool! Can you say anything in Chinese?" said Harry, smiling.
        "I'd rather not." 
        "C'mon, I know you can!" 
        "Uhm, I don't think so."
        "Harry, she doesn't want to so leave her alone." Liam said. Harry quickly said sorry and stood up to sit next to Louis.
        "Do you play an instrument?" Niall said to break the awkward silence.
        "Yes actually. I play the piano." I replied.
        "That's cool! How long have you been playing?"
        "Ever since I was 7. I kinda stopped because I was busy with high school and college."
        "You should start again."
        "I might when I get out of college." It got dark and soon it was 8 P.M. 

*Liam's POV*
        I looked at Jamie to see her smiling and looking happy. She's so beautiful. Whenever I hear her voice, it makes me so happy. When she blushes, she's the cutest. Does she like me? Do I like her? I don't know. If she becomes more than a friend, that could cause trouble with management. I decided to push those thoughts aside and have fun. I looked at her wrist. 3 bruises were visible. "Jamie? Is your wrist okay?"
        "My wrist? What do you mean?" she looked at it and she instantly hid it from the others.
        "You have bruises."
        "It's no biggy. It was from Dylan. You know, the guy that you were talking to yesterday at Culver's?"
        "I remember. Does it hurt?"
        "It's fine now. It'll fade."
        "Who's Dylan anyways?"
        "Uh, he's my ex boyfriend. I kinda broke up with him because he treated Alli like she was dirt."
        "Oh, I'm sorry."
        "It's fine. He doesn't deserve love. Dylan's not really a good guy."
        "Let's do something fun. How about a movie?"
        "Sounds great!" I motioned for the guys to go back to their rooms while Jamie wasn't looking.
        "Uhm, Louis and I have to go and get a different key to our room." said Harry.
        "What? Now? Why? I wanna watch the movie!" complained Louis, being the clueless person he is.
        "C'mon." said Zayn, pulling Louis by the arm out the door. 
        "Have fun." Harry snickered while going out the door while Niall followed, closing the door.
        "What was that about?" Jamie asked, flashing her irresistible smile.
        "Nothing. What movie do you want to watch, love?" I said while going to a shelf full of movies.
        "Surprise me." 

*Jamie's POV*
        Liam came to sit on the couch with me after he put the movie in. I laughed when I realized it was Toy Story 3.

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