Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


16. Looking For Trouble

I hear Liam yawn next to me as he stretches in bed. He leans in to give me a kiss when he sees that I'm awake. I don't object as he kisses me slowly. "Good morning beautiful." he coos before getting out of bed. "How about we have a pajama day?"
        "That would be great." I say, getting out of bed myself. 
        "Wanna set up the tree now?" 
        "Sure!" I say excitedly since I haven't set up a tree with anyone in a long time. I waited as Liam walked into the basement to grab the tree and decorations. "I love decorating the Christmas tree." I beam as I see Liam walking up the stairs. Helping him carry a box, we set the things down in the living room. 
        "Ready?" he says after putting the tree by the window. 
        "Definitely." I smile and we start putting the decorations on the tree. After a couple hours of working, we finally finished. I had the privilege of putting the star on top. Not being able to reach, Liam put me on his shoulders. When we were completely done, Liam leaned in for a kiss. I kiss him back without a complain. He lead me to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. "Mmm, my favorite." 
        "Wanna race?" Liam says excitedly. 
        "You're on." We set everything out evenly on the counter at arms reach. "Ready, set, GO!" I yell, already reaching for the milk and pouring some into my mug. I slowly mix the powder in, trying not to spill it on the counter. Just before Liam carefully rushed to the microwave, trying not to spill, I popped my mug in there first. Instead of waiting, Liam pressed the stop button and took my mug out, replacing it with his. "Cheater!" I stopped the microwave again, putting my mug next to his, this way I'm being fair. After the wait passed, I took my mug out as fast as I could and went back to the counter. Liam, hiding all the marshmallows from me puts them in first. I mix my hot chocolate more, since foam built up on the top. After chunks of the powder finally dissolved, I dropped the marshmallows in. I look at my mug, satisfied when I finish while Liam has already eaten all the marshmallows off the top of his. "I won." I said, smiling.
        "I totally won, don't deny it." he teased back, laughing. I went over and kissed his hot chocolate covered lips. "I love you."
        "I love you too."
        "I love you more." We made our way to the couch with our hot chocolates in our hands. Liam finishes his in record time while I haven't even finished half. "How about a movie marathon?" I laugh and agree. He pulls out the Toy Story series. I nod as he puts number 1 in. We laugh and giggle at all the funny parts and cry at the sad ones. Finally, we finish all three movies and it's 2 in the afternoon when Alli and Louis knock on the door. "I'll get it." Liam sighed while getting up.
        "Hey!" Louis cheers when he pulls Alli in the door. "Why aren't you guys dressed?"
        "We were planning on having a pajama day." Liam exclaimed. 
        "Why didn't you invite me?" Louis fake pouted. Liam struggled to answer.
        "Liam and I wanted some alone time to catch up with eachother." I answer for him.
        "Sorry for barging in, we just wanted to ask if you wanted to come to the Sealife London Aquarium." Alli said.
        "Jamie? Do you want to?" Asks Liam, looking at me.
        "Sure." I smile and get up to wash up and change while Liam does the same. I skip out on the shower and just get right to changing, doing my hair, and applying some light makeup. When I'm done, I walk out to the living room to see everybody waiting for me. 
        "Ready?" Liam speaks up.
        "Ready." I smile. We head out to Louis car and he drives to the aquarium. We see so many animals and since Liam and Louis are famous, we got to pet seals and dolphins. After the aquarium, we went to the London Eye again since Alli has never seen in. We went on the gigantic Ferris Wheel and stop at the top. It takes my breath away every time. The view is absolutely amazing. Liam takes me out of my trance by hugging me from behind and kissing my cheek. I hug his arms which are in front of me. 
        "This is amazing!" Alli exclaims. "I can't believe the view!"
        "I know right?!" Louis yells back, making us laugh. "How about some dinner?" 
        "Sure." we all reply. Louis drives us to a cute, little restaurant. Liam and Louis put on they're hats and glasses before getting out of the car. We all walk in with me, hand in hand with Liam. We get seated in a corner seat without anybody noticing. 
        "Hello, I'm Karmin and I'll be your waiter tonight." the waitress said after handing us our menus. Liam and Louis pulled off their disguises. "Wait, are you guys from One Direction?" 
        "Yes but could you please keep it down?" Louis replied, looking a little annoyed.
        "Of course! Can I please have your autograph?" The two boys grab a napkin and scribble down they're names with her pen quickly. "Thank you so much! What would you like to drink?" she said after realizing that she was the waitress. 
        "Sweet tea please." I answer, with everybody ordering the same thing. 
        "I'll be right back to take your order." with that, she walks away. After a few minutes, we all decide on burgers and fries. When our meal comes, I see the same kind of flash that I saw when I went on the date with Liam the last time I was in London. A few more go past without anybody at the table noticing but me. I suddenly realize that people are taking pictures from outside. No, not from only outside, inside too. 
        "Liam, people are taking pictures." I whisper in his ear. Liam tells Alli and Louis the same thing and we all finish our food quickly. The ride home is silent. "I had a fun night." I say, trying to bring up the mood and break the awkward silence. 
        "Yeah, me too." Alli beamed. "Thanks for dinner. "I thank Louis before we say goodbye to him and Alli. We climb out of the car and into the house. I see Liam huff a loud sigh. "Liam? What's wrong?"
        "I can never be alone with you." Liam huffed.
        "We're alone now. Thanks for the day. It was wonderful." I point out, giving Liam a small peck on the lips. He pulls me into a full out make out session. We lay on the couch with me on top of him for a while until I finally get up to change into some more comfortable clothes. I clean up and come back to see Liam also changed. We snuggle into eachother on the couch and he turns on the T.V. After not finding anything interesting on, I flip on the news. 
        Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson, One Direction heart throbs, are seen with two girls at a common restaurant. Is Liam dating the calm brunette while Louis goes for the perky blond? Miss Brunette was also spotted with Liam almost a month ago during a fancy date. Is Liam set on this girl? Serious relationship or just friends? Stay tuned for more after this break.
        A picture of Liam and I on our date about a month ago popped up during her talk. Then a picture they took today showed up on the screen. I looked over at Liam to see him looking frustrated. "Liam, it's gonna be okay. Don't stress."
        "How can I not? They know you now. Do you not know how much pressure is going to be put on you?" Liam answered back loudly, kind of scaring me. I sat there staring at the now stood up Liam. 
        "I'm going to bed." I got up and walked past him without saying goodnight.
        "Jamie, I'm sorry. I just don't want you to get hurt." I snapped my body around.
        "Well the public has to know someday so why not now?" with that, I rushed to the bedroom and climbed under the covers. I laid there desperately trying to fall asleep. After I heard Liam turn off the T.V. and go to bed himself a while later, I still couldn't sleep. I decided to check online about me and Liam. I scroll through hundreds of websites with our names together. Making a bad choice, I went on Twitter. I'm not very active on it and barely check up on anything. Seeing that my followers multiplied by 10,000, I widen my eyes. Then I scroll through all of the tweets they sent me. 
        'You're such a fat, ugly, whore.' I read. Am I really fat? I look down at my stomach, seeing that it's  flat but that doesn't convince me. 
        'How can you live with yourself? You're absolutely fucking ugly you bitch.'
        'Die already. Nobody likes you and they never will so just D.I.E.' One after another I read until I'm bawling my eyes out. Their was even a picture of me photo shopped onto another 'unattractive' body. I go into the bathroom and weigh myself. 120 pounds. Is that too heavy or normal? I just sit there with tears streaming down my face with all the hate. Why did I even look at my Twitter. I'm just looking for trouble.

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