Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


2. I've Got You

Alli and I got home and she started saying all these things that I didn't understand at all. "Alli, calm down. You're speaking jibberish. I can't understand you!" I said.
        "Did Liam ask you out back there?" she shrieked.
        "Uhm, I don't know...I think so?"
        "That's AMAZING!" emphasizing the 'amazing'.
        "I guess... What am I supposed to wear?!"
        "That's where I come in." Alli pulled me into the closet and picked out her dresses that I could choose from. She always had the greatest taste in fashion and her wardrobe is the best. "Here, choose one of these."
        "Alli, I think I'm gonna stick with casual."
        "Fine, but casual with a hint of formal." She picked out a pink and blue sweater with black leggings. Since I'm her size in like EVERYTHING, it was easy to pick out what to wear. All of my good clothes are in my apartment in Chicago. I slipped the clothes on and Alli started on my makeup. After about 30 minutes, she was finally done. I looked perfect with the help of my bestfriend. Without her, I don't know where I'd be in life. I put on a bracelet followed by heart earrings. "All done!" Alli admired her masterpiece as she stood there thinking. "I almost forgot! You definitely need shoes." She ran into her closet and grabbed a pair of boots. I pulled them on. "Perfection!" 
        "This looks absolutely beautiful." I said while looking in the mirror. "I can't thank you enough."
        "You're welcome. You look drop dead gorgeous. Liam is going to be so surprised."
        "I guess. I don't know where I would be without you Alli."
        "Oh my god it's already 6:20! I'll drive you to Culver's."
        "It's okay, I'll just drive myself." I got into my car and drove to Culver's. I was worried if Liam wouldn't like my outfit. Of course he would like it, anything Alli puts together people love. When I finally got to Culver's, It was 6:28. "Good, I'm not late." I whispered to myself as I walked into Culver's. I saw Liam sitting in a booth in the corner, wearing glasses and a hat, with a cup of coffee. 
        "Hi Jamielyne!" he cheerfully said when he saw me.
        "You look beautiful."
        "Thanks." I blushed. "You look nice too." even though he was wearing the same thing he was earlier but, he added a hoodie.
        "Well, let's go."
        "Where are we going?"
        "It's a surprise." I was mesmerized by his adorable smile. I don't know why. Maybe because he's being so charming. Ugh, I don't what I want . I don't wanna be his girlfriend right? Woah, I'm going way to fast. Maybe he just wants to be friends. Yeah, friends. It's a friend date. Does that even make sense? I looked up to see him looking at me. "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare, It's just that you're truly beautiful."
        "Thank you." I replied, blushing. It was mid Fall so it was a little chilly. We were walking outside to the 'secret place'. Since I've lived in Highland for a while now, I know my way around really well. I think he's taking me to Main Square. I love Main Square. It's nothing special. Just a square of grass and concrete. But, I love taking walks there. It takes the bad out and pulls the good in. I shivered as a gust of wind hit us.
        "Are you cold? Here, take my sweater." Liam asked while taking his sweater off.
        "No, it's fine. Thank you." I replied while I hugged myself to be warmer. 
        "It's totally fine." he draped his sweater over my shoulders.
        "Thanks." I instantly warmed up. His sweater smelled sooooo good. What am I talking about? It's official, I'm crazy.
        "I never got to ask, how old are you?"
        "I'm 19"
        "Woah, you ARE pretty smart."
        "Yeah, I guess. It's nice to get outta school early."
        "You could say that again. Were you popular in high school?"
        "Uhm, not really. I was uh, kinda bullied. I was considered a geek since I got straight A+s and got 100%s on tests."
        "Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't of asked."
        "It's fine. I had lots of friends in elementary and middle school. When I got to high school, they just stopped being my friends..." I trailed off.
        "I'm really sorry about that. It looks like you have Alli though. She seems like a really good friend."
        "Yeah, she's the best. I can't ask for anyone better. Alli's been there since the beginning. I'm so happy I have her in my life." 
        "Does she go to the same college as you?"
        "No, she goes to Purdue University. She's going for her Bachelor's Degree."
        "Sounds fun."
        "Hehe, tell that to Alli. She would tell you all the reasons college isn't fun. She wants to stay in it but she always complains about the work." We arrived at Main Square to see it all lit up with carnival rides and food trucks. "Oh my god! I forgot about the fair! I love going here every year!"
        "I figured this would be a good spot to spend an evening." Liam said flashing his cute smile. He took my hand and led me to the ticket box. "50 tickets please." He pulled out his wallet and paid for the tickets.
        "Don't you think 50 is a bit much?" I grinned.
        "What? I like rides." smiling. We went on every ride twice. The Main Square Fair is probably the smallest you'll ever see. It's still fun anyways. "Do you like funnel cake?" 
        "It's my favorite! I absolutely LOVE funnel cake."
        "Then we're getting one!" He brought me to a truck that was selling funnel cake and the person that was in it noticed Liam. 
        "Wait, are you..." the funnel cake seller started.
        "Shhhh." Liam whispered, cutting him off.
        "Oh, okay!" he whispered back, nodding and giving Liam a thumbs up. "For you, half off!" Liam payed him full price anyways. 
        "I'm sorry that I didn't help with paying." I said, feeling guilty. "I didn't bring any money."
        "It's fine love. You don't need to pay for anything when you're with me." Liam replied back after swallowing the piece of funnel cake he popped in his mouth. I grabbed the funnel cake and started running away, laughing. I looked back and didn't see Liam anywhere. Where did he go? All of a sudden, he jumped out in front of me. That scared the living daylights out of me and I almost dropped the funnel cake!
        "You scared me!" I shrieked. He put his hands on my waist.
        "I've got you, love." He smiled and I blushed while smiling back.
        "You're cute when you blush."
        "I thought I was cute all the time." I fake pouted. 
        "Well you're even cuter when you blush." He said back. I giggled. We finished up the funnel cake and by that time, it was already 9. 
        "I can't believe it's already 9! Do you need to go?"
        "Actually, the band is performing here tonight in a half an hour. You're welcome to stay and watch." I nodded as he lead me to the stage. I saw the rest of the boys and greeted them. "Jamielyne, you can call Alli and see if she wants to come."
        "Okay, will do." I dialed Alli's number and called her. She didn't pick up. I tried again. Still no answer. She has her phone with her 24/7 and she wouldn't be sleeping at this time. I texted her and called her 2 more times. No replies. I decided to tell Liam I needed to go to Alli's since she was having a fashion crisis. I didn't want him to ruin his concert over worrying. "I'm sorry. I really want to be here for you but Alli's really bugging me with this. "
        "It's fine love, go and help her." he said, once again bringing me into a trance with his smile.
        "Here, give me your phone." Liam handed me his phone and I put my number in it under the name Jamie. I handed it back when I was done. "You can call me Jamie." Then I walked back to Alli's. When I got there, the door was unlocked. Weird, whenever Alli's home alone, she locks the door. I opened it and called out her name. "Alli? Alli? Are you here?" I found her phone on the kitchen counter. I unlocked it and saw that all of my missed calls and messages weren't viewed. "Alli?" I called out again. Nothing but silence. I checked in every room. Nobody. I arrived at her bedroom to see her lying on the ground. "Alli!" I shook her to see if she could wake up. She was breathing but wouldn't wake up. "Alli! Can you hear me? Please wake up!" I called 911. 
        "911, what's your emergency?"
        "My friend! I found her on the ground unconscious!"
        "Okay, stay calm. What's you're address?"
        "3029 Willow Drive!" 
        "I sent an ambulance. They should be there any minute. In the mean time, is she breathing?"
        "Y-yes, she's b-breathing. S-she wont wake u-up." I stuttered as I spoke with tears streaming down my cheeks. 
        "Ma'am stay calm. The ambulance should be there any second now okay? They're going to help your friend and bring her back." Just then, I heard sirens and the door opened. 
        "Is anyone here?"
        "Up here! She's up here! Please help me!" They came up the stairs and into Alli's room. They put her on a gurney. "Can I please come?" 
        "Are you family?"
        "No, I'm her best friends though! We've been together ever since we were babies!"
        "I'm sorry miss, only family can ride in the ambulance." They put her in the back of the ambulance and drove off. I got into Alli's car because my car was still at Culver's and drove behind the ambulance. We passed Main Square where Liam and the boys were performing. I could hear them sing Story of My Life over the sirens of the ambulance. I hope that didn't mess them up. We finally arrived at the hospital and I got out to see Alli. They told me to stay in the waiting room. I sat in a chair and cried my eyes out. This is all my fault. If I didn't go on that date with Liam she wouldn't of been in this situation. This is all my fault.

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