Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


17. It's You and Me

*Alli's POV*
        I woke up with Louis shaking my shoulder lightly. "Hey," I smiled, getting up. 
        "Guess what today is?" he said excitedly.
        "IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!" 
        "Louis, it's not Christmas eve until it's night time," I said laughing.
        "Fine, it's Christmas eve day then," 
        "Okay okay," I giggled. We set up the Christmas tree last night and I already see presents under it. Louis probably put them there when I was asleep. I decided to put the presents that I got for him, Jamie, and the boys as well. "Do you want some help?" I ask Louis while walking in the kitchen, seeing that Louis' making breakfast.
        "Sure!" he said happily. Louis' such a giddy person but, I love it. I went to fry some eggs while he made the bacon and toast. When we were finally finished, Louis and I ate until we were stuffed. "I'm so full,"
        "You're not the only one," I added. I put the dishes in the dishwasher and went to wash up. "Thanks for the breakfast!" I called from the bedroom. I took a shower and changed. After I finished with my makeup and hair, I went into the living room to see Louis trying to peek at his presents. "LOUIS!" I yelled while running over to him to take the present away. "And what do you think you're doing mister?"
        "I'm sorry mommy!" he fake cried. I laughed and he pulled me in for a giant hug. He's definitely a hugging person. In the last 2 days, he probably hugged me 100 times but, I don't mind. We pulled away and I got caught in his sea green eyes. Before I knew it, he leaned in to kiss me.

*Jamie's POV*
        Reading those tweets last night didn't help with sleeping. I ended up staying up all night trying so hard not to read anymore tweets but found myself on Twitter again and again. I'm a wreck and I have a major headache. My eyes are red and puffy. The pillow on the bed is full of tears. When I got out of bed, Liam was still sleeping so I let him be. I didn't bother to change and trudged into the kitchen to take some Tylenol. Then I realized that it's Christmas eve and that their was presents under the tree. I decided to put the presents I got for Liam, Alli, and the rest of the boys under there. When I came back  from the closet that I grabbed the presents out of, Liam was sitting on the couch. Without a word, I walked past him and put the presents under the tree. 
        "Jamie," I heard Liam mumble. I turned around to face him. "I'm sorry for raising my voice last night." I still didn't reply. "Will you please forgive me?" With that, a tear slipped down my face and I gave in, pulling Liam in for a hug. 
        "It's okay," I whispered in his ear. We stayed hugging eachother for a while before pulling away. 
        "Why are you crying, love?" Liam said, seeing the tears on my cheeks.
        "I don't like seeing you upset," I brought my voice to a whisper at the end. And with that, he leaned in and kissed me. I felt complete with his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck while his around my waist. 
        "Jump," he whispered, his lips still touching mine. I did and wrapped my legs around his waist with his hands on my thighs, supporting me. "I love you,"
        "I love you too," I smiled.
        "I love you more," we stayed kissing for a while but finally stopped. Getting down, I told Liam I was gonna get ready. After washing up and changing, I walked back into the living room. "Want some breakfast?" Remembering all the tweets that were sent to me, I quickly said that I wasn't hungry even thought my stomach was growling. Luckily, Liam didn't hear. "Then do you want to go to a fair?"
        "Yes!" I shriek. I'm a sucker for fairs. I pulled on some shoes we headed out. Today's gonna be great.
*Louis' POV*
        "I'm sorry," I say after kissing Alli. "That came out of nowhere. I'm sorry if I-" I was cut off by Alli kissing me again. 
        "You don't need to be sorry," I heard her whisper after parting. 
        "I think I'm in love with you, Alli," 
        "And I think so too," I heard her beautiful voice. The rest of the day consisted of talking, kissing, cuddling, movies, and more kissing. I couldn't of asked for anything more.
*Liam's POV*
        "Are you hungry now?" I asked since Jamie hasn't eaten a thing today.
        "Nope. If you are, go ahead and eat," she replied. I knew she was lying because I heard her stomach growl in the car.
        "Are you sure? Jamie, what's wrong?" 
        "Nothing's wrong. I'm just not hungry," I just sighed and went to a food truck. I ordered a corndog and planned to feed it to Jamie. I took a bite and then put it in front of her mouth, trying to get her to take a bite. "Liam, no. I'm not eating that,"
        "Then what will you eat?"
        "Nothing, I already said that I'm not hungry,"        
        "We both know that's a lie,"
        "Just, don't worry about me okay?" 
        "I can't just let you starve,"
        "I'm not starving! Just let it go!"
        "Did somebody say something about you? Are you receiving hate?" I saw her expression go from annoyed to really upset. A single tear slipped from her eye but she quickly rubbed it away. "Jamie, why didn't you just tell me?"
        "I didn't want you to worry..." she said quietly.
        "Let me see your phone,"
        "No, Liam. I won't look at them anymore. Just drop it,"
        "Give me your phone, Jamie," she looked at me and finally, she obeyed. I unlocked her phone and changed her Twitter password. I also changed her email so she wouldn't be able to change her password back. After that, I deleted the app and finally gave her phone back. 
        "Seriously?" she questioned after figuring out what I did.
        "Yes, seriously. It's for your own good. That's what you get for dating Daddy Direction," she finally lightened up and laughed her contagious laugh. She still wouldn't eat though so I got an idea. I ordered a funnel cake, her favorite. "C'mon Jamie. Your favorite!" after trying so many times, she gave in a ate some. We went on some rides and took some pictures in a photo booth.
        "Oh my god! It's Liam Payne!" someone shouted. 
        "Jamie! Run!" I yelled. We laughed and ran until we got into the parking lot. 
        "Liam, I can't go any further," Jamie panted. "I'm feeling dizzy," she let go of my hand and collapsed on the ground. 
        "Jamie! Jamie, get up!" I yelled. I saw the crowd of people that were chasing us get closer and closer. I carried Jamie to the car and sped off to the emergency room.

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