Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


43. It's Gonna Be Okay

"Zaynnnnnn," I whined. He was still sleeping and it was my turn to wake him up. "It's time to go," I pulled on his arm. "We only have ten minutes to catch our flight,"
        "WHAT?!" Zayn shot up and ran into the bathroom. I giggled at my accomplishment, we still had an hour to get to the airport and another half hour to board our flight. I headed to the lobby to meet up with Alli and the rest of the boys. When I reached the first floor, Niall was sitting in the breakfast area looking sad. 
        "What's wrong?" I sat next to him.
        "We're leaving Ireland," he said sadly.
        "You'll have plenty of time to come back when we're done with tour. Plus, look at the bright side. You get to see so many other places!"
        "I guess," he seemed to brighten up just a little bit. I smiled and pat him on the back before sitting on Liam's lap. 
        "I got Zayn up," I said.
        "That's a first," Liam replied then, Zayn appeared.
        "Am I late?!" he asked, breathing hard. 
        "We still have time to kill," Louis said, putting his arm around Alli
        "What? Jamie said we have 10 minutes!" 
        "You wouldn't of gotten up if I didn't," I giggled, taking a bite of toast.
        "You tricked me?" He raised an eyebrow and sat in my previous seat next to Niall. I snickered. "Sneaky one,"
        "My sneaky one," Liam grinned and kissed my cheek. We all finished our breakfast and headed to the airport. After going through security, we boarded our plane and headed to The United Kingdom.

*Alli's POV*
        We landed in Sunderland, United Kingdom after a short, 30 minute flight.
        "Well that was short," Jamie said, walking next to me out of the plane. 
        "Agreed," I replied. The usual SUV brought all of us to the hotel. When Louis and I got to our hotel room, I suddenly felt hungry. 
        "We have to go to a signing. I'll be back to pick you up for the concert at 6," Louis gave me a peck on the lips and headed out the door. I headed to Jamie's room to see if she can come with me to get food. She opened the door after I knocked quickly 3 times.
        "I'm hungryyyyy," I whined.
        "What? We just ate not even an hour ago!" she replied.
        "But I'm hungry!" I pushed past her and plopped on the super comfy bed.
        "You're crazy," she laughed.
        "I want chocolate cake. And strawberry ice cream. Ooo! Double fudge brownies!" All of a sudden, I felt sick. I ran past Jamie into the bathroom and puked into the toilet. I felt Jamie beside me, pulling the hair out of my face. I continued to throw up and Jamie was there patting my back the whole time. When I stopped, I rinsed out my mouth and sat on the bed.
        "Are you okay?" Jamie asked, sitting next to me.
        "I don't know. I've been getting crazy cravings," I sighed. "Wait," I panicked and stood up. "I missed my period,"
        "You didn't use pro-" I cut Jamie off.
        "Oh my god! I'm so stupid! We came back late from partying on the week that Louis had off and we just... did it!"
        "Okay, let's not panic. I'll go and get you a pregnancy test and we can carry on from there,"
        "Okay," I calmed down and laid on the bed. Jamie went out to get the tests and I stayed in the hotel room, worried of what's gonna happen next.

*Jamie's POV*

        "Is it working?" Alli said, sitting at the other side of the bathroom. It's been a couple minutes since she took the tests and we were waiting to see if the second line would form. After 4 minutes of waiting, I could see a faint, second line. Before telling Alli, I made sure that I was right. 5 minutes had past and a clear second line showed on all of the strip tests. Alli took the ClearBlue test while we were waiting and that flashed 'Pregnant; 1-2 Weeks' as well. 
        "Alli, you're pregnant,"

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